New 'Logan' Images Show Brooding Wolverine And Popped Claws, Snikt

Brooding Wolverine sure looks sad Twitter

Logan is starting to look like a really boring movie. Every image released for the next installment in the Wolverine franchise is muted, with not a hell of a lot happening. If my first introduction to the adamantium berserker was these images, I’d think Wolverine liked to walk around bathrooms and stare longingly into a camera lens.

Three new images were posted by Logan director James Mangold on Twitter Monday night. One shows Hugh Jackman as Wolverine walking along a wet post-apocalyptic highway. This could be a still from any movie, there’s nothing unique or fun about it. I know the movie isn’t out yet and we still don’t know much about it, but these pictures won’t get anyone hyped.

Mangold also shared two storyboards from Logan , drawn by artist Gabriel Hardman. One shows Logan staring down some cars at a motel in the rain and the other shows some popped claws. Judging from all these images, this movie is going to have a very depressing tone.

On one hand, it makes me excited that they might actually be working the “ Old Man Logan” comic book storyline into the narrative. On the other hand, this movie might be incredibly boring, with chalky white Stephen Merchant joining Hugh Jackman for the staring competition.

I still have hope that Logan won’t suck, when it comes out March 3, 2017.

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