New Bundles Arriving In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare With Season One

See what's in store with the new bundles.
See what's in store with the new bundles. Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season One has arrived, and the free content drop has officially landed. The launch also comes with a wide range of ways to help players customize their Operator, Identity, and loadouts. The first set of Featured Bundles and Vanity Packs available for purchase kicked off on December 3 and lasts until December 10.

The Featured Bundles available this week include items for almost everyone. This is divided between Operator Bundles and Weapon Bundles.

Operator Bundles

These bundle sets offer inclusive and Operator-specific content. Players can dress up their favorite Operator with a special skin, then give them a quip as well as a matching Finishing Move. It also offers thematic player customizations, like emblems and calling cards, that can go along with the Operator. There are two bundles offered.

The first is the "The Huntsman" Bale Operator Bundle. Included in this bundle is the "Agent Orange" Operator skin, the "Nursing Death" SMG blueprint, the "Sleep" quip and the "Counterplay" Finishing Move. This bundle also allows players a 1 Battle Pass Tier skip. The "Huntsman" calling card is also added to the player's Identity, where the enemy gets a stern warning to cover their tracks.

Also offered is the "The Unseen" Grinch Operator Bundle. It comes with the inky-dark "Blood in the Water" skin, the "Shh Don’t Tell" quip, and the "Go Clubbing" Finishing Move. Overall this Bundle is good for those who prefer stealth. There's also the "Freshen Up" charm, the menacing "Someone’s Watching" spray, and finally the "Flesh Wound" Marksman Rifle blueprint, all made just for Grinch.

Weapon Bundles

Weapon bundles offer special blueprints. Here's what's coming in this week's bundles:

  • "The Viking Burial II" 3 Weapon Bundle
    • Three weapon blueprints:
      • "Buzzkill" LMG blueprint
      • "Dainsleif" melee blueprint
      • Final Reprieve" Shotgun blueprint
    • "Valhalla" weapon charm
    • "Ruler of Gods" sticker.
  • "The Reaper" 2 Weapon Bundle
    • Two weapon blueprints:
      • "Corpse Maker" sniper blueprint
      • "Enforcer" pistol blueprint
    • "The Soul Collector" Emblem
    • "Death Comes" charm
    • "Mohrs Mihi Lucrum" sticker.
    • "The Reaper" calling card.

Vanity Packs

These are smaller bundles that let players customize their identity. New Vanity Packs are set to arrive every week. For this week, there's the "Blue Steele" Vanity Pack. Available for 500 Call of Duty Points, it offers the ice-blue and black chrome "Chrono King BL" Operator Watch and the "Chill" graffiti-style spray. Included with this pack is a charm, sticker, emblem, and player card. Entering the mix as well is the "Blue Steele" calling card.

Remember to visit the Store each week to know the latest gear available. If you see a bundle you like, don't hesitate and simply grab it. The bundles are available for one week only, so don't let the opportunity go to waste.

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