Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Second Free Community Launch Adds New Games Modes

New and free content!
New and free content! Ubisoft

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare announced that a bunch of free content is now available on all platforms. This comes courtesy of the second community launch, and include new additions to game modes, Featured Playlists, and even Special Ops experiences.

New Game Modes

Two new game modes are coming: Realism and Gun Game. Realism is arriving as an additional objective-based game mode. You can play this mode right now as an add-on to Domination, Headquarters, Hardpoint, Kill Confirmed, and even Team Deathmatch. It's like the usual modes, with one big difference. This mode removes the HUD while also tweaking the health and headshot damage.

The second game mode in the update is the free-for-all Gun Game. What it does is to have all players start with the same handgun. Each time a player defeats an enemy, they receive a new weapon. The more enemies a player defeats, the more the weaponry becomes challenging to utilize. However, if a player is taken out with a melee attack during the match, that player is demoted to the previous weapon while also losing a point. A suicide also results in being demoted to the previous weapon. The final weapon is a Combat Knife and Throwing Knife and the match ends when a player takes down an opponent with a Throwing Knife or executes a Finishing Move.

New Special Ops

Three new Special Ops outings have been released which are Operation Harbinger, Operation Brimstone, and Classic Special Ops: Door Kick.

Operation Brimstone sees El Traficante’s train leaving a quarry carrying explosives. This new operation should be familiar for Ground War players. Here, players need to fight their way to the railyard, recall the train, and then rig it to explode.

Operation Harbinger is set in Downtown Verdansk and involves the Armistice Taskforce. Players are dropped into the streets of this ruined cityscape and are expected to meet a lot of Al-Qatala. What players need to do is first collect a number of clues from different Smuggler Caches. Collecting enough should allow them to triangulate the location of a local informant and then verify his intel. Once the informant has been rescued, players then need to exit with haste.

For the Classic Special Ops: Door Kick, this one is set at Aniyah Palace, which is located about two klicks outside of El Nadaar, Urzikstan. The Al-Raab compound, a bombed-out and abandoned royal residence, has become the new base of operations for Al-Qatala. The mission is as dangerous as it is straightforward. Players need to infiltrate the palace, retrieve any enemy intel, and then move to the extraction site. This is a fast-paced mission and it will test players' skills in sweeping multiple rooms for hostile forces while uncovering vital intel along the way.

Note that this new content is simply a prelude to the first Season of Modern Warfare that is coming free to everyone on all platforms. What about you? What piece of the new content are you most excited about?

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