Is The Newest ARMS Fighter A Clown?

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Nintendo revealed a brand new ARMS fighter is coming to the Switch title in the next big update, and the official ARMS Twitter account offers a few intriguing clues about the newcomer joining the fight.

The tweet has a grainy video attached showing off this new ARMS fighter utilizing its signature arms and showing off its abilities. The text doesn’t translate from Japanese well, but it’s just some dialogue from the new fighter, who seems to be very playful and aloof.

arms twintelle ribbon girl
Ribbon Girl and Twintelle duke it out in ARMS Photo: Nintendo

Check out the tweet with the footage of the new ARMS fighter below.

This new ARMS fighter has a unique way of moving around, but its jumping capabilities really stand out. It would seem that its special allows for it to leap higher than any other ARMS fighter currently in the game.

Of course, we can’t really tell what signature arms it’s using, or whether it is a boy or girl character, but many in the tweet’s comments believe it to be a girl from the character’s frame.

This new ARMS fighter will be present, along with its signature arms and stage, in the next big update that is coming soon. However, we can deduce from a previous data mine what the new fighter’s theme will be. The data mine revealed code names for all of the ARMS fighters, including those that have not been used. Check out the list below.

Belt (Max Brass)



DNA (Helix)

Hair (Twintelle)

Mee (Min Min)

Mummy (Mummy)

Ninja (Ninjara)


Police (Byte and Bark)

Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)



Snake (Kid Cobra)

Spring (Spring Man)





Worker (Mechanica)

With Robo, Scroll, Sumo, Surprise, Sweet, Twintale, Plant, Chain and Coil not being used by a current ARMS fighter, and from the footage shown, we can deduce that this new ARMS fighter will be either Surprise or Sweet.

From the looks of the footage, the fighter has a clown-like appearance, and the words Surprise and Sweet are closely associated with clowns and parties. Hopefully, we will get a proper reveal before the actual update takes place.

ARMS is available for Nintendo Switch now.

So what do you think of the new upcoming ARMS fighter? Do you want it to be a clown? Do you think it’s a boy or girl? Let us know in the comments section below.

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