ARMS Max Brass Update Reveals New Stage, Arms And More

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The Max Brass update for ARMS on the Nintendo Switch drops on July 12, but players should expect more than just an addition to the character selection screen. With the free update, Max Brass’ stage and three favorite arms will be available to use as well once the new ARMS update drops.

Nintendo revealed new information on the “Commish” on their official website, including his signature abilities. The first is that Max Brass can pump himself up so he takes reduced damage from attacks and can’t be stunned. The other ability activates when Max Brass’ health drops to a certain level. His arms will stay charged up. If you’re wondering, this is similar to Spring Man’s ability, a point the official Nintendo site makes. Perhaps Spring Man and Max Brass have some sort of history together?

max brass arms 2 fight
Max Brass is exploding onto ARMS Photo: Nintendo

As for Max Brass’ three favorite arms, they are called Nade, Roaster and the Kablammer. Each of these new weapons seem like variations of other arms but have different effects. Here’s what each of Max Brass’ arms can do.

Nade is a straight shot that will actually stop short of the target and explode, giving off a blast that can really disrupt your opponent. Anyone facing characters wielding the Nade will have to be extra careful to not only avoid being hit with the fist but being struck by the blast.

The Roaster is a set of fiery mitts that swap accuracy for increased damage.

While the Kablammer is probably Max Brass’ signature weapon, it doesn’t do a straight punch but hammers down, catching anyone who tries to jump over it. It also lets off an explosion when it hits the ground, so fighters will have to stay clear of this arm.

Max Brass’ stage is the one you fight in when you meet the champion at the end of the Grand Prix. There aren’t any gimmicks to watch out for, but the stage is rather large and is great for straight-on fighting.

There will be more new fighters, stages and arms in future updates, so stay tuned for the latest.

Max Brass, the new stage and arms will be available in the ARMS free update on July 12.

So what do you think of Max Brass’ new stage and weapons? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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