ARMS Datamine Reveals Possible New Fighters

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'ARMS' will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 16
'ARMS' will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 16 Nintendo

A recent datamine of Nintendo’s ARMS revealed new internal names of existing and possibly unfinished fighters in the Switch game.

According to reddit user KoopaStarRoad, this datamine is presumably from the launch version of ARMS and may includes internal names for fighters. These internal names are for the coders’ purposes when logging and creating code for ARMS However, some of these names don’t seem to match what has already been released.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Nintendo will have this many fighters added to the game post-launch, but it’s something to think about while fans of the fighting game wait for any news.

Here’s the entire list of all the internal fighter names in ARMS . It should be noted that the names in bold are presumably new fighters. KoopaStarRoad also notes that while they believe “Hair” is referring to Twintelle, there is a “Twintale” name in the code of ARMS , which confused them even though no other ARMS fighter who could use the “Hair” name.

Belt (Max Brass)



DNA (Helix)

Hair (Twintelle)

Mee (Min Min)

Mummy (Mummy)

Ninja (Ninjara)


Police (Byte and Bark)

Ribbon (Ribbon Girl)



Snake (Kid Cobra)

Spring (Spring Man)





Worker (Mechanica)


Two other names:

BossHead (Hedlok)

RNA (Dummies)

Nintendo has begun to update ARMS through various patches, but the biggest update was the inclusion of Max Brass, his specialty ARMS and his stage. Of course, Max Brass was in the launch version of the game (he was the boss of the Grand Prix) and that has opened the door for Nintendo to push out more ARMS updates in the future.

With the amount of above names not being used, ARMS players may see a ton of updates in the future.

ARMS is available now for the Nintendo Switch.

So what do you think of the possibility of new ARMS fighters coming to the game? Which of the names above do you hope to see in a future update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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