Neverwinter Releases Episode 1 of New Sharandar Module on PC

Welcome back to Sharandar.
Welcome back to Sharandar. Perfect World

Neverwinter announced that Episode 1: The Iron Tooth is now available on PC. This is the first of three chapters to be released under the Sharandar module. The arrival of this new episode to the game serves as the opening phase of the revamped Sharandar. It also introduces new features and content like the new Sharandar social hub and epic enemies and rewards.

Console players need not worry though since Episode 1 is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 16.

The Sharandar Module

This latest module brings players back to Sharandar to put a stop to the darkness that’s starting to creep across the Feywild. In the first episode, players are tasked to head on over to the Ruins of Malabog and look into the disappearance of an elven dignitary. With all the dangers that are lurking, players need to band together to fight this darkness.

Episode 1

The Iron Tooth brings many playable content and updates for everyone to enjoy. These include:

  • Ruins of Malabog Adventure Zone
    • Learn more about the Ruins of Malabog where the minions of the Annis Hag have joined forces with the remnants of Malabog’s army.
  • New Sharandar Social Hub
    • The Iliyanbruen elves of New Sharandar have managed to rebuild their kingdom. This resulted in their stronghold becoming a haven not only for travelers but even for fey creatures.
  • Annis Hag Lair
    • The Annis Hag made herself comfortable in the Ruins of Malabog, and you must stop her. But are you brave enough to face this horrid hag?
  • Vault of Stars End-Game Dungeon
    • Right now, the Gloaming Court is under the rule of the Queen of Air and Darkness. It’s said that inside her Vault of Stars is the Night Diamond, a magical item that may play a role in defeating the hags.

In a press release, Neverwinter Executive Producer Chris Whiteside said that the first episode preserves what fans loved about Sharandar. That’s because it has found a good balance between the old and new. He added that the community had long asked for new worlds to explore and this is their answer.

Learn more about Episode 1 here.

Neverwinte r is launching Episode 2: The Soul Keeper on PC in April while the version for consoles will arrive in May.

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