New Features from Mythos DLC of Total War Saga: Troy

The stuff of legends.
The stuff of legends. Creative Assembly

Total War Saga: Troy is expanding its universe with the upcoming Mythos DLC. This is the largest update to arrive in the game. There is much new content coming including new game modes and systems reworks. This new DLC launches on September 2.

Cut Off One Head

The highlight of Mythos is obviously the Mythological Mode, which introduces mythical monsters to the game. Players who can capture any of these creatures have the chance to bring them into their service. The creatures have special abilities and legions of followers.

Let’s look into the Hydra as an example. Just a quick background, this is the same Hydra that was defeated by Hercules when completing his twelve labors. It turns out that one of its heads was immortal and over the years managed to slither its way to life.

Obviously, the Hydra has Regeneration. Its attacks are Poison-based and can deal damage over time to attackers. Poison Bomb is a small long-range explosive spit while Poison Breath is good for close combat. The Hydra also has interesting Faction Abilities. One of these is Hydra Feast which allows its army to generate Vitality in exchange for putting the host army into attrition.

Learn more about the Hydra here as well as the Griffin Patriarch and Cerberus.

New Modes

There are also two modes coming to the game, which are more grounded compared to the Mythological Mode. Historical Mode, for example, removes the mythological or single-entity units. Meanwhile, Truth Behind The Myth Mode is pretty much the classic Troy experience. Instead of mythological units, get real-world equivalents with reduced godly influence.

Administration System

There’s also a free update to be released when the Mythos arrives. One of the changes the update is bringing is the reworked supply lines system, now called the Administration System. This new system has a new pooled resource known as Administration Burden. In general, the more Administration Burden a player has, the more negative effects are unlocked. However, royal decrees and influence are gained at a faster rate.

Learn more about the Mythos DLC here.

Total War Saga: Troy is the second game in the Total War Saga subseries. It was released in 2020 on PC. Pre-order the Mythos DLC here.

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