MU Online Merges Midgard And Eldorado Servers

Two servers become one.
Two servers become one. Webzen

MU Online announced that it's going to merge servers, specifically that of Eldorado and Midgard. This should allow for an environment that is balanced and more exciting for all players to enjoy. The merger is scheduled for November 26 and won't affect players on the Alfheim and Helheim servers.

Server Guide

Before the two servers merge, players should be able to transfer their character, items, and storage in Eldorado or Midgard to a single Midgard server. To give players a head’s up, let's get the rundown on this merger.

In terms of merging characters, items, and storage, players that have login records are going to get the character or server that has the most playtime recorded beginning on April 1. For those who don't have login records, its going to be the highest-level character among servers.

For players that have duplicated character names and share the same name with someone else on the new server, it's going to be changed to the ServerName_SerialNumber format. To change to a new name, players need to simply login to the game, go to the Character Window, and then simply choose a new name.

For information from the Gens, Guilds, and even the "My Friend" Window, this is all going to be reset. This includes the information in the mail box. Players need to keep a record of the Guilds, Friend Lists, and others before the server merges. This is because restoring information isn't going to be possible once the merger is done.

Once the two servers merge, players should be able to earn more EXP thanks to a playtime challenge event. In addition, those who play MU Online for more than 100 hours are set to receive amazing rewards like Bless of Light (Greater), Gold Channel Ticket, and Master Scroll of Quickness. There are also special package sales waiting for gamers for a limited time.

New Event

Aside from the server merge event, MU Online announced that it's also hosting the Monster Hunting Festival along with multiple in-game events.

The event actually started on Wednesday, November 13, which lets players start hunting monsters in Nixies Lake, Swamp of Darkness, or Cubera Mines with MU HELPER to achieve additional EXP and receive ranking rewards during the event period. Players can also level up their character much faster with an extra 20% EXP bonus, Monster HP Decrease, and other special offers.

Developed in Korea, MU Online is a full-3D MMORPG and remains to be one of the leading online games. This fantasy RPG is based on the legendary continent of MU where players can choose from eight unique classes to embark on their adventure. MU Online is considered a pioneer of 3D MMORPGs and has established the basic framework that many online games continue to use today.

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