MU Online Season 14 Introduces New Map And Ups Level Cap

Season 14 is here.
Season 14 is here. WEBZEN

Fantasy MMORPG MU Online officially launched Season 14. This new season adds major updates to the game, which includes a new map and mastery items. In addition, the update increased the level cap to 1100.

Set in the legendary continent of MU, the game has players go on adventures as characters from eight unique classes, such as Dark Knight, Dark Lord, Dark Wizard, Elf, Grow Lancer, Magic Gladiator, Rage Fighter, and Summoner.

New Map

In Season 14, players with levels of at least 850 get the chance to enter the Cubera Mines. This was the first mine developed in MU, but was later closed and abandoned after monsters started to appear. In the mines, players face these monsters: Mine Digger, Mine Carrier, Mine Driller, Mine Porter, Dead Digger, Dead Shoveler, Dead Porter.

Explore and survive.
Explore and survive. WEBZEN

Mastery Items

A fourth Grade Soul Weapon update is available for each MU class. These weapons are available to characters that are at least level 900. These are:

  • Soul Sword for Black Knight
  • Soul Staff for Warlock/Spellsword
  • Soul Bow/Soul Quiver for Fairy
  • Soul Stick for Summoner
  • Soul Magic Sword for Spellsword
  • Soul Scepter for Dark Lord
  • Soul Claws for Rage Fighter
  • Soul Lance for Mirage Lancer.

Offered with the update is the fifth Grade Mastery Armor Frost Blueye Set. This is the fifth armor by James the Light Priest and named after the legendary White Dragon from which power was extracted and transferred into the armor and weapons.

Frost Blueye Set.
Frost Blueye Set. WEBZEN

The Frost Blueye Set includes a Helm (except for Spellsword), Armor, Pants, Gloves (except for Rage Fighter), and Boots. An upgrade new combination material called the Frost Spirit is also included in the update. The Frost Spirit, which can be bought for 50,000 Ruud from NPC James in Elberand, is a new combination material used to upgrade soul set items.

Switch Scroll

Season 14 also offers a new Switch Scroll. Once the scroll is used, it lowers the hardware usage and as long as the scroll is active, ensures optimal performance and a smooth gaming experience.

The scroll is available for free to all players beginning September 3 up to September 17.

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