MU Online Guide: Learn More About the Update Events

Learn about the new events. WEBZEN

MU Online dropped a new update that introduces Season 14. With this, the level cap has been increased to 1100. A new map has also been introduced along with mastery items.

In order to up the excitement, MU Online is introducing a series of Update Events. In today’s guide, we look at the five events that arrived with the new season.


Four of the five events can already be accessed. They started September 3 and are expected to end September 17.

Event 1: Conquer Cubera Mines

Duration: September 3 to September 17

When you go inside the mines, you are going to meet seven different monsters:

  • Mining Area
    • Mine Digger
      • Level 380
      • This melee monster uses a pickax to attack players.
    • Mine Carrier
      • Level 380
      • This monster attacks using small balls from a mining cart.
    • Mine Driller
      • Level 380
      • This monster attacks using a drill.
    • Mine Porter
      • Level 380
      • This monster has one hand touching the ground and attacks by throwing rocks from a sack.
  • Old Mines
    • Dead Digger
      • Level 400
      • Uses a pickax to attack.
      • Sometimes attacks twice in a row.
    • Dead Shoveler
      • Level 400
      • Attacks using the head of a spade.
      • Can attack twice in a row.
    • Dead Porter
      • Level 400
      • Attack by throwing rocks from a sack.
Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 12.34.13 PM
Dead digger. Photo: WEBZEN

Every now and then the monsters are going to drop the “Elemental Symbol.” Get a symbol for each element. You don’t have to worry too much about securing the symbols, since once they are collected they are placed in the inventory.

Once you get the symbol for each element, you need to go to the NPC Serbis in order to get the Element Box.

Event 2: Golden Crest Drop Event

Duration: September 3 to September 17

In exploring the Cubera Mines, players need to look out for more than just Elemental Symbols. The monsters are also going to drop Golden Crest items. What you need to do is collect at least 50 of these in order to create Level 4 Wings.

Collect to create Wings. Photo: WEBZEN

Event 3: Mastery Equipment Enhancement Event

Duration: September 3 to September 17

While the event is in progress, the Bloodangel weapon and armor doesn’t disappear after fail until +11.

Event 4: Level Up Event

Duration: September 3 to Next Season Update

With the level cap increased to 1100, you now get the chance to grind even more. However, when you reach Level 100, you get the special Muun “Great Elf Kara.”

Reach level 1050 and get this reward. Photo: WEBZEN

Event 5: Full Time EXP Boooost Event

Duration: September 17 to October 1

If you need time to be able to level-up faster, then this is the event for you. For two weeks, you get 20% extra EXP when killing monsters. Not only that, during the event the HP of the monsters is lowered. This allows you to level up faster.

Hopefully this guide helps you get the edge you need to overcome your opponent.

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