Mortal Online 2: Patch Introduces Trinkets, Buy Orders, and New Alchemy Effects

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Patch for Mortal Online 2 is now available. This update brings a few key features, including trinkets, buy orders, and alchemy effects.

New alchemy effects have been introduced in Patch Players can gather ingredients needed to create potions that can change their characters’ height, weight, and age.

In addition, players will now have a chance to get a trinket as a reward for killing enemies in Mortal Online 2. Trinkets are unidentified, so do make a stop at the nearest town to have their secrets revealed.

Players also have another way of making money in this update by going to the Trade Brokers located in every city. Basically, people can place an item request via the trade broker and other players can fulfill them for some coin. This is a great way for players to acquire some resources that they do not want to farm by themselves, provided they have the money to spend.

Patch Notes

  • Enchantment Cognoscente and Enchantment Supplies Vendors to all cities
  • Transmutation flux, obtainable in the etherworld
  • Slightly increased the chance of catching a legendary fish
  • War Combatant debuff now lasts 2 minutes (was 5 minutes)
  • You can now make allies while at war
  • You will now only get the War Combatant debuff if the target is not a criminal and if they are not local gray to you
  • Fixed issue where you could get a murder count from killing guild war enemies
  • Fixed being able to call for guards outside of cities
  • Fixed some issues with war/ally
  • Changing your age post character creation now correctly updates the respective attributes and their caps
  • Fixed an animation hitch that happened when casting a spell for the first time or when switching and casting a different spell. The game would show a cancel/fizzle animation before playing the charge animation for the new spell
  • Reply (/r) will now switch to whisper and insert the name of the last whisperer you received a message from
  • Fixed issues where alliance/war declarations/cancels could fail
  • Fixed issue with house access not working as intended
  • Veteran Bandit Casters now drop Veteran Bandit heads
  • Fixed bug where you got resting bonuses from resting near placeable extractors
  • Fixed bug where you could pick up spirit boxes and pickables when your inventory was full, which would remove them from the world but not give them to you
  • Players banned from communication channels would see a warning message on login instead of remaining days

Mortal Online 2 Patch is available on PC.

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