Mortal Online 2 Patch Brings New Content, QoL Changes, and Bug Fixes

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Mortal Online 2 latest update is now live. Patch adds new content, makes several changes, brings QoL improvements, and fixes dozens of bugs. Corpses are added to Myrland which players can loot. Haven has received a new cave that is waiting to be explored.

Myrland alt 3 and 4 are removed, and fall damage for mounts is reduced. Max capacity has been increased for all servers, and a confirmation message will show up when you are abandoning your pet.

  • Lootable corpses added to Myrland
  • Steep slopes will now cause players to slide instead of free fall. Players will still take fall damage if slide speed becomes too great.
  • Added a new cave in Haven to explore.
  • Leaving Haven should no longer lock you from going to an alternative Myrland.
  • Polished house placement mode visuals.
  • Added Red Priests outside of all keep locations.
  • You can no longer mail coins while also requesting coin on delivery.
  • Only pets that are close to you when you log out will follow you to alt Myrlands.
  • Updated navmesh all over the world that could get pets stuck.
  • Fall damage reduced for mounts.
  • Prevent certain INI files from being modified outside of the game.
  • Removed Myrland alt 3 and 4.
  • Increased Tephra yield to match removal of alt servers.
  • Increased the max capacity of all servers.
Quality of life
  • You can now delete multiple items at once by using ALT + right-click or simply dragging items outside of your inventory.
  • Added a confirmation message when abandoning your pet.
  • Journal entries are now sorted alphabetically.
  • You can now hold the craft button to continuously craft when using any crafting workbench.
  • Right-clicking items while using crafting UI now more intuitively updates its item slots.
  • Item slots in crafting UI now only reset when necessary.
  • Slightly increased range when trying to open pet bags. Sometimes the pet would stop following just out of range meaning you couldn't access it when encumbered.
  • You can now hold the 'Scribe' button to continuously scribe the same stack of scrolls.
  • Added sort by ascending/descending option in broker.

You can read the complete patch notes over here.

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