Mortal Online 2: Patch Adds the Bounty Hunter System and More

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If you’ve been wanting to become a bounty hunter, maybe Mortal Online 2 can help. Patch adds the new Bounty Hunter system that lets you hunt brigands and murderers down for gold and reputation.

The new bounty hunter system in Mortal Online 2 starts by heading to the new Coraxi Facilitator, a new bounty contractor NPC found in all cities. Once you’ve signed the contract, you can proceed in finding the brigands and murderers that you were tasked to kill.

It seems that you can also deploy a bird to help you find them. Birds are available from another NPC called the Coraxi Birdkeeper, found in all cities as well.

In addition, Patch adds new decoration items for houses. They’re available for purchase from the Decoration Vendor. Alternatively, you can find decorations from containers and humanoid AI.

Another new feature worth mentioning is the “/loot” command. Using this lets you acquire items from the loot bag closest to your character’s feet. While this is slightly slower than looting things manually, this command is still a welcome addition considering that you don’t actually have to be in front of the loot bag to get the items.


  • Added Refining Oven Workbench for keeps that can be bought at the Keep Vendors
  • Declare war or Request ally added to guild diplomacy, anyone can declare war on guilds that are harboring more than one murderer. War Declarations have a cost to start and a cost to surrender. Alliances have a cost to start for both parties. Allied guilds will not be dragged into wars
  • Added Legendary visual decoration for melee weapons
  • Added an item used for crafting Legendary Weapons, this item can be found as loot in containers and dropped by NPCs.
  • Added the Deserter status. Leaving a guild that is at war will block the joining of new guilds for 48 hours
  • Added patrolling guards just outside Meduli
  • Healers will now receive clade gift experience when helping others
  • AI will now remember all involved damage dealers and healers until it either leashes or enters an idle state. (Previously there was a 10-minute timer)
  • Enabled War Combatant debuff. After attacking a player you are at war with, you will receive this debuff for 5 minutes. If a guard spots you while this debuff is active, you will be attacked and lose standing
    • You will only get the War Combatant debuff when hitting a target you’re at war with if they are not a criminal, and if you are not dueling

The full patch notes can be found on Mortal Online 2’s official Steam page.

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