Mordhau Patch 27: Sword Game Mode, Reworked Crude Armor Set, Two New Weapon Skins, and More

Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system.
Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system. Triternion

The next major update of Mordhau is finally here and it brings a good amount of new content. Users who like playing female characters will be glad to know that two new female voice sets have been introduced, one for French and one for German. New weapon skins for RoyalGuard halberd and the Crude bill are introduced as well.

The patch also adds Sword Game — a brand-new game mode for the Brawl playlist. The new mode is exactly the same as the Gun Game mode from Call of Duty, meaning after every successful kill, the player will receive the next weapon in the prearranged list for the game mode. The player must use each weapon to score a kill, and the cycle continues until the final kill score is reached. The first player to get the kill from the last weapon wins the match.

  • Added a new game mode to the Brawl playlist: Sword game
  • Added 2 new female voice sets to the base game: French & German
  • Added Continental Voice Pack 2 - DLC which includes:
    • 2 Male (Nordic, Irish)
    • 2 Female (Italian, Slavic)
  • Added new admin commands to spawn the horse and hog
  • Added the Raise Sword Emote for Longsword
  • The Pit - Fixed a bug where bots could spawn in Out of Bounds and consequently die
  • Fixed current map showing in vote options when it is not in rotation
  • Optimization on Noria; adjusted polycount, draw calls, overdraw, HLODs and lighting
  • Changes to the Noria Invasion map:
    • Added anti-toolbox areas to prevent spawning on top of the final objective
    • Removed the possibility to place spawn banners in Out of Bounds areas
    • Moved final noble NPC out of line of sight, to prevent firebomb exploitation
  • Fixed a bug with players not respawning in case they died between waves
  • Fixed the explosive barrels griefing
  • Extended revive time from 30s to 35s
  • Extended respawn time from 15s to 90s
  • Noble size scaled down by 20% to prevent only using stabs on normal sized enemies
  • Fixed team color preview not showing when re-entering the Armory
  • Fixed large spawn point icons
  • Increased resolution of main menu icons
  • Added a button to change player perspective from the main menu
  • Added a button to perform suicide from the main menu
  • Fixed LOD materials for cosmetic items released in Patch #26
  • Remade and expanded the Crude armor set
  • Added new halberd and bill skins
  • Various fixes and QoL cosmetic additions

Read the complete patch notes on Steam, where you can also purchase the game for only $29.99.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Mordhau recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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