Wild Hearts March 27 Update: AMD Performance Improvements, Balancing Changes, and More

Get ready for a mysterious Kemono.
Get ready for a mysterious Kemono. EA

A few days ago, Wild Hearts received a ton of new content including a new Kemono subspecies. Many players thought that would be all for this month, but they thought wrong. The developer has more planned for March, with a small patch going live a few hours ago that brought balancing changes, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Players should see CPU performance improvements all across the board, but it will be more noticeable for AMD processors. For other changes, the Giant Kemono won’t continuously move in a single direction during online co-op anymore, and a confirmation message when starting an online co-op match has been added. You can read the highlights of the update below.

Improvements, Other Adjustments
  • Improved CPU performance, especially for AMD processors.
  • Added connections for reinforcement between the following combinations of weapons.
    • Karakuri Katana
      • Nature's Flashblade and Blade of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Blade: Kemonobane and Wrack Blade: Rashōmon
    • Nodachi
      • Nature's Twinedge and Nodachi of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Nodachi: Kemono Carver and Wrack Nodachi: Rashōmon
    • Bow
      • Nature's Piercing and Bow of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Bow: Kemono Hunter and Wrack Bow: Rashōmon
    • Bladed Wagasa
      • Nature's Twists and Bladed Wagasa of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Bladed Wagasa: Kemono's End and Wrack Bladed Wagasa: Rashōmon
    • Maul
      • Nature's Gravity and Maul of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Maul: Kemono's Doom and Wrack Maul: Rashōmon
    • Karakuri Staff
      • Nature's Seasons and Nature's Splendor Karakuri Staff 5
      • Apex Karakuri Staff: Kemono Chaos and Agate Karakuri Staff 2
    • Hand Cannon
      • Nature's Might and Cannon of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Cannon: Kemono's Oblivion and Wrack Cannon: Rashōmon
    • Claw Blade
      • Nature's Talon and Claw of Nature's Splendor 5
      • Apex Claw: Kemono's Curse and Wrack Claw: Rashōmon
  • Added a confirmation window at the start of online co-op that asks whether the player wants to join the session or not when the host is further along in the story than they are.

The complete patch notes mentioning all the bug fixes are available on the official site.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Wild Hearts recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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