Mordhau Patch 26 Adds Female Characters, New Map, and More

Mordhau Female Characters
Mordhau Female Characters Triternion d.o.o.

The medieval hack-and-slash game by Triternion, Mordhau, received a major update today. Patch 26 brings a ton of content, highly demanded features, and more. It also makes tweaks that will be very beneficial to new players.

The developer has finally added female characters to the game. Players can select their body type under Body customization; the body type doesn’t make any changes to the hitbox. There are four female voices and one face to choose from, but more should be released later.

A new Dungeon Map has been added and it supports all game modes. The map emphasizes close-quarter combat and features tons of traps. The patch also brings five new skins, 30+ cosmetic items, and the new Dragon Set DLC. Finally, a suicide button has been added to the main menu.

  • Added female body with one face and 4 voice options
  • Re-implemented team color preview in Armory
  • Re-implemented "Hide Defaults" in Armory
  • Improved face sculpting performance
  • Fix attempt for input loss cases
  • Fixed swapped objective text
  • Fixed wrong team damage showing on vote kick
  • Scoreboard interact context menu can now be closed with the same keys as the scoreboard itself
  • Exclusive banners no longer display on non-official servers
  • Renamed "key bindings" subnav button to "action bindings"
  • Added navigation shortcuts to matchmaking screen
  • Added suicide button to Main menu
  • Increased death ragdoll force across the board
  • Added Dungeon Map & Variants (Alternate, 32 and 64 player)
  • Removed respawn timer from frontline
  • Changed map vote to select different game modes from the map rotation equally
  • Reworked Brawl modes on Castello and Arid with extended play area
  • Camp - adjusted anti toolbox volumes on spike palisades
  • Arid - pushers now die when the bomb goes off
  • Added anti toolbox to Grad griefing spot
  • Added 10s delay to first castello objective completion to give defense some time to get ready
  • Moved covered up rock spawner on Mountain Peak
Weapons & Equipment
  • Added new rideable Hog - can be found on Dungeon
  • Added throwable Explosive Barrel - can be found on Dungeon and Horde
  • Added throwable Fire urn to Horde
  • Added throwable Bricks - can be found on Dungeon
  • Added Bone, Large Bone and Throwable Skull - can be found on Dungeon
  • Beartrap no longer triggered by friendlies running over it
  • Increased enemy footstep volume slightly
  • Stab & Strike feint lockout reduced 25ms
  • Reduced max parry angle slightly, this fixes people parrying with their back/side
  • Tank movement speed buffed very slightly
  • Removed heavy weapon movement debuff from weapons (still active on shields)
  • Buffed dodge very slightly
  • Kick windup very slightly faster
  • Fixed firebomb on HRD_Camp that costs only 11 instead of default 1900
  • Added Dragon set DLC, including the Dragon Greatsword
  • Added Landsknecht Set & Variants
  • Added Maximilian Set & Variants
  • Added Almain Rivet Cuirass
  • Added Landsknecht Halberd
  • Added Katzbalger Falchion
  • Added Katzbalger Greatsword
  • Added Royal Guard Zweihander
  • Added Renaissance Longsword

The patch also brought tons of bug fixes that you can read in great detail via Steam.

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