Mordhau Patch 25 Hotfix 2: List of Bug Fixes

Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system.
Mordhau introduces Ranked play through 1v1 duels and an Elo matchmaking rating system. Triternion

Mordhau, the medieval slasher game by Triternion, received the small Patch 25 Hotfix 2, which is solely focused on bug fixes.

The patch fixed the issue where nameplates of friends not displaying. The buggy sound playing when players are searching for loadouts is addressed as well. Some maps received minor tweaks, like the tower climbing spot in Crossroads now fixed and mixed collisions in Feitoria now addressed. The hotfix moves the Partisan to the 2h category and adds a throw UI indicator for War Axe.

You can read the patch notes below.

  • Fixed temporary input loss case if TAB is pressed on spawn select screen
  • Party system fix attempt
  • Fixed nameplates not showing for friends
  • Fixed sound playing when searching for loadouts
  • Crossroads: Fixed tower climbing spot
  • Castello: Added volume block on the table to prevent noble camp on INV, Fixed audio volumes
  • Feitoria: Fixed missing collisions
  • Fix attempt for swapped defending team objective text
  • HRD_Arid: Fixed two bot stuck spots
  • Reverted changes in Grad that made the gameplay area smaller in TDM and FFA
  • Fixed bot navigation in all game modes on Arid
Weapons & Equipment
  • Moved Partisan to 2h category
  • Added throw UI indicator for War Axe
  • Fixed Noble throwing axes being gone once ammo runs out
  • Fixed being able to use Partisan in 1h mode
  • Fixed Horde throwing axes being gone once ammo runs out
  • Fixed Horde rocks not switching to other weapon once ammo runs out
  • Fixed basic leather shoes only taking 1 color
  • Fixed butcher skirt clipping with several chest pieces
  • Fixed new crusader coifs deleting your nose
  • Added a few more armor combinations
  • Fixed not being able to be a peasant monk
  • Removed some armor combinations due to clipping
  • Fixed plated mail taking team color on metal plates
  • Fixed grotesque sabaton missing ankle
  • Savoyards can now be used without a neck option
  • Removed wrong patterns on the rus conic helmet

The complete patch notes can be read on Steam.

So what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Mordhau recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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