Mordhau June 23 Patch Adds New Map and Camels, Merges Playlist, and More

Mordhau Avid Map
Mordhau Avid Map Triternion

Mordhau, a multiplayer medieval game, has received a major update and it is the second part of the Eastern Invasion. It brings tons of new content, tweaks, balancing changes, and bug fixes, so let’s get started.

The game received its very first night-time map, Arid. In both Arid and Noria, you will find camels instead of horses, and this change was made to make them more appropriate to the desert landscape. The patch also merges Invasion and Frontline servers as they were dividing the player base. From now on, at the end of the round, players would vote on which map and mode they want to play.

  • New Armory UI
  • Team selection becomes available two minutes after player joins the server
  • Added servers for novice players
  • Pressing Team select button hides team select
  • Team select menu can now be closed by spectators
  • Fixed team select player count not updating correctly
  • Added self-restocking throwables to player-controlled Nobles that did not have any ranged weapons before
  • Added View Steam Profile to options if available
  • Fix chat context menu not closing on Escape
  • Added various words to chat box filter
  • Fixed UI sounds for certain areas
  • Fixed horse not accelerating in certain scenarios
  • Fixed potential rare crash related to chambering
  • Fixed Nubian face LOD
  • Killfeed CPU optimizations
  • Slight GPU performance improvement by changing the way GPU handles overdraw
  • Fix for stealing voices by reducing concurrency of Chicken and Goat sounds
  • Increased sound priority for Cronch and hit indicator
  • Lowered sound priority on various weapon thuds, equip, and some foley sounds
  • Increased concurrent voice lines from 4 to 8
  • Attenuation fix for Generic Animal and Turd
  • Made the GiveCata command use the IsAllowed method so server owners can opt tiered admins out of it and added it to the Admin Actions webhook
  • Polished various Frontline objectives
  • Added a few new emblems
  • Added Continental Voice Pack DLC set containing 4 voices:
    • Slavic
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish

As mentioned above, the update made tons of other changes and squashed a plethora of bugs. The update also tweaked maps and Horde mode and added several new skins. You can read them in great detail via the official site.

Mordhau is only available on PC. The game is currently on heavy sale and can be purchased via Steam for only $7.49.

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