MORDHAU: Developers Released Two Hotfixes Before the Year Ends

Mordhau has surpassed 500,000 sales on Steam.
Mordhau has surpassed 500,000 sales on Steam. Triternion

MORDHAU, a game that lets you play as a medieval slasher, received a couple of updates before the year ends. They do not offer new content, but they do provide some needed fixes.

Patch 24- Hotfix 2 attempts to address something about the Noria Gate introduced in the Eastern Invasion update. You see, there’s an issue where the gate would not be destroyed properly. This might be resolved now, but in case you run into the same problem again, report it to the devs immediately.

Some adjustments to the Horde mode have been implemented as well. When you upgrade Volley, it will now only give you an additional 10% damage instead of the 20% previously. Longbow damage is also nerfed.

Patch 24 - Hotfix 2 Changelog

  • Fixed Noria wheel collision desyncing
  • Small optimizations for burnable objectives (FX/Decals/Audio)
  • Minor Cortile fixes
  • Misc Equipment/Armor LOD fixes
  • Tweaks to toolbox buildable placement
  • Fixes for Taiga landscape breaking
  • Fixed tent collision settings on Camp not blocking projectiles
  • Tweaks to AI focus change during attacks to stick on one target
  • Horde: revive time to 3.5 seconds
  • Horde: Various balance tweaks to skills
  • Horde: Bear traps no longer trigger on friendlies. Increased max amount placed from 5 to 8
  • Horde: Tweaked drop rates for gamble chests
  • Horde: Fixed Yeoman damage bonus not working
  • Horde: Nerfed Fire Arrows (from 1s to 0.5 seconds and 30% to 25%)
  • Horde: Nerfed longbow damage
  • Horde: Wave income tweaks
  • Horde: Various equipment price adjustments
  • Horde: Lowered resupply timer for fire bombs

Aside from the update mentioned above, the developers have launched another hotfix. This time, they’ve attempted to resolve the issue where you might lose spectator controls or input upon death. Back then, reconnecting would temporarily fix it. Hopefully, the devs will come up with a more permanent solution.

Here are the patch notes:

  • Fix attempt for loss of spectator controls or input on death which happened to some players and required reconnecting
  • Fixed stuck spot on Cortile
  • Fixed a Castello exploitable spot
  • Fixed Gothic pauldrons not being masked correctly
  • Horde: Poleaxe hammer mode now has chip damage
  • Horde: Fixed a bot stuck spot on Camp rocks

Are you playing MORDHAU? If so, which of these bug fixes and improvements struck you the most?

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