Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.1.0 Fixes Loads of Game Bugs

Monster Hunter Rise 3.1.0
Monster Hunter Rise 3.1.0 Capcom

A new update for Monster Hunter Rise is now available and it fixes plenty of bugs in the game, including unnecessary UI elements being displayed upon quest completion after finishing a Rampage quest and various text inconsistencies.

Monster Hunter Rise is a very popular game that has already shipped over 7 million copies worldwide, so the developers have to make sure that everything in the game works as intended.

Version 3.1.0 mainly focuses on squashing most bugs in the game, though it also adds new Event Quests that will be available to players every week. Plus, a new DLC can be purchased from the Nintendo eShop, so you may want to browse to find out what’s on offer.

The update in question only requires 0.65 GB of free space. However, for those who have purchased the game for the first time, the total required space is 3.6 GB.

Version 3.1.0 patch notes are exhaustive but we'll give you the highlights:

  • Fixed a bug allowing the player to control cannons even after moving away from them during Rampage Quests
  • Fixed a bug causing Pigment 2 to display as white when set to black for some armor. Fixed a bug preventing the right colors from being displayed on the save file select screen if the player used a Character Edit Voucher to change their clothing color
  • Changed functionality so that, if the player uses a Character Edit Voucher to recreate their hunter and use one of the DLC voices, the existing voices that were selectable for the original hunter will be preserved
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing quest information to be incorrectly displayed if the player moves to the Training Area after accepting a quest offline
  • Fixed a bug causing erratic behavior for Apex Rathian if it performs certain actions
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing the player from capturing a monster if it is inflicted with Paralysis/Sleep/Stun right after it springs a Pitfall Trap
  • Fixed a bug causing the connection to be lost when taking on a Rakna-Kadaki quest in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug causing the player to always get hit when making Narwa flinch with specific timing using an installation during the Thunder Goddess quest
  • Fixed a bug occasionally causing the camera to move right over the player's head and/or preventing additional hits from landing when successfully hitting a monster with the long sword's Iai Spirit Slash counter
  • Fixed a bug causing a lag in the controls when performing a dodge and then using an item via the Radial Menu with your weapon unsheathed. This affects the sword & shield, the long sword, and the dual blades (when Demon Mode is not active)
  • Some items have multiple crafting patterns. If the player sets one pattern to their Radial Menu and then reboots the game, the Radial Menu setting sometimes gets overwritten with another pattern. This has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug occasionally preventing guest players from being able to finish a quest if the quest host leaves the quest with specific timing while experiencing lag in the connection
  • Fixed a bug preventing the text of Auto Shoutouts from changing when switching languages
  • Fixed a bug causing an error on the save file select screen if an anomaly is detected in the save data info

Monster Hunter Rise Version 3.1.0 is now live on Nintendo Switch.

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