Latest Trailer of Monster Hunter Rise Reveals More Details

Learn more about the game.
Learn more about the game. Capcom

Monster Hunter Rise released its latest trailer that gives us a better look into what it has to offer. There are some new monsters and even new locations. We also get to learn a little bit more about the Kamura Village.

Before we move further, you can watch the trailer below:

The Spider

One of the two new monsters that players will encounter is the Rakna-Kadaki. It covers its body in carapace and masks its appendages with a white shroud. The threads are something to look out for since they could stop hunters in their tracks, after which the monster then spits out a hot gas from its mouth.

The Rakna-Kadaki makes its home in the Lava Caverns, a new location introduced in the game. That makes this monster even more dangerous than it already is.

The Leviathan

The second new monster is Almudron that lives in the Sandy Plains, a new location as well. This monster is usually content on being on its own but now wreaks havoc because of the Rampage. Its body is covered in mud that protects it from any incoming attacks. One of its attacks is to throw what seems to be sticky slurry to any hunter to slow their movements. It then secretes liquid from its tail which can dissolve sand as well as stone.

Kamura Village

In this latest addition to the Monster Hunter franchise, players are taken to the Kamura Village. This is where hunters equip armors and weapons before heading out to hunt and defeat monsters. Any items gathered from defeated monsters can be brought back to the village and crafted into unique armor or weapons.

It is also the Kamura Village that needs to deal with the Rampage. More information on the Rampage is to be released at a later date.

Some New Features

One new feature that players can look forward to is known as the Wirebug mechanic. This allows players to use some wire-based grappling action. There is also the new Palamute companion that gives players new traversal and attack options.

Monster Hunter Rise is arriving on Nintendo Switch on March 26. Preorder is now being accepted with the Standard Edition (digital and physical) priced at $59.99. The Deluxe Edition, meanwhile, is offered at $69.99, and it comes with the base game and the digital DLC pack voucher, which can be exchanged for bonus in-game content. Players who preordered get the Cosmetic Layered Armor for their Palamute and Palico as a bonus.

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