Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Fredrinn Got Buffed in Beta Patch 1.7.02

Beta Patch 1.7.02
Beta Patch 1.7.02 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

Fredrinn the Treasure Appraiser is the newest hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and he was added in a previous update. Recently, Beta Patch 1.7.02 was released which brought adjustments to his kit.

His Crystalline Armor passive no longer grants a 15% damage reduction and instead converts all the damage taken into Crystal Energy. This allows Fredrinn to store more Crystal Energy quicker. For those who don’t know, his enhanced ultimate deals increased damage depending on how much Crystal Energy he has stored.

Fredrinn’s third skill, Energy Eruption, gains two new effects. First, it now grants Fredrinn a combo point when hitting a non-minion enemy. Second, Fredrinn is granted extra physical and magic defense when hitting a non-minion enemy as well. On top of that, the extra physical attack bonus granted by this skill is increased significantly.

Here are the other hero adjustments in Mobile Legends: in Bang Bang’s latest beta update:

  • Attributes:
    • Base HP increased to 2,709
    • HP growth increased to 240
    • Base physical defense increased to 20
    • Physical defense growth increased to 4
  • Skill 1
    • Attack range slightly increased
    • Attack range and damage of enhanced basic attacks are slightly increased
  • Skill 2
    • Area of effect slightly increased
    • Extra physical attack bonus significantly increased
  • Enhanced Ultimate
    • Crystal Energy Bonus reduced to 45%
    • Extra Damage's Crystal Energy Bonus reduced to 30%
  • Passive
    • Enhanced basic attack's damage reduced to 250 + 105% Physical Attack
    • New Effect: Natalia's Skill 1 now always enjoys the damage bonus when attacking creeps.
  • Ultimate
    • Extra physical attack reduced to 15-35
    • Hero kills no longer reduce the charging time by 100%
    • Charging time reduced upon creep kills (20% > 40%)
  • Ultimate
    • New Effect: The Undead Knight no longer automatically returns to Vexana when he's too far away.
    • New Effect: Vexana can recast this skill to call the Undead Knight back to her side.
  • Skill 1
    • Now briefly reveals the position of the target hit.
  • Ultimate
    • Cooldown increased to 55-45 seconds
  • Skill 1
    • Base initial damage reduced to 240-390
  • Skill 2
    • Shield duration increased to 5 seconds
  • Ultimate
    • Max number of attacks reduced to 9
    • Fixed an issue where the skill could be interrupted by control effects at the moment of release in some rare cases.
  • Skill 1
    • Cooldown increased to 9-7 seconds

Mobile Legends: in Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.02 is available on Android and iOS.

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