Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Beta Patch 1.7.50 Brings More Changes to Minsitthar

Beta Patch 1.7.50
Beta Patch 1.7.50 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

Moonton Studios released a new beta update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, which you can now play on the game’s advanced server. Beta Patch 1.7.50 implemented additional changes to Minsitthar that improves the damage and performance of his abilities

If you are not aware, Moonton has recently revamped Minsitthar to made him more appealing to use. He’s now even better thanks to the recent changes in Beta Patch 1.7.50.

For one, his passive now scales better with HP. This means that the tankier he gets, the more lethal he will be. You should consider buying items that increase HP from now on, especially during the early stages of the match.

In addition, the initial thrust of his Spear of Glory now slows enemies down. This makes it hard for enemies to escape the pull.

His second skill is rebalanced as well. The AoE of his enhanced basic attacks while in Phalanx Stance is enhanced, enabling Minsitthar to hit more enemies in front of him. However, his damage reduction while in this stance is reduced to 50% on all levels.

And lastly, the scaling of his ultimate’s damage is reduced from 70% down to just 40% of his total physical attack. But in exchange, his Royal Guards now gain 40% of attack effects from items. This is great if you use Windtalker, for example, as the guards can now take advantage of its unique passive, where they can deal magic damage with their basic attacks.

Patch Notes

  • Skill 2
    • This skill can no longer be interrupted.
  • Ultimate
    • Slightly reduced the foreswing time.
  • Movement Speed: 240 > 248
  • Base HP: 2,500 > 2,580
  • Skill 1
    • Base Damage: 175-300 > 140-265
  • Enhanced Skill 2
    • Damage: 60-80 +12% Magic Power > 75-115 +15% Magic Power
  • Movement Skill Interruption
    • Skills that knock targets airborne or cause suppression can now interrupt quick movement skills.
  • Skill Indicator Calibration
    • We've adjusted the size of more skill indicators to make sure they match the skills. The following skills have been affected:
    • Fighter: Terizla's Skill 1, 2 and Ultimate; Dyrroth's Skill 1, 2 and Ultimate; Silvanna's Skill 1 and 2; Bane's Skill 1 and 2; Badang's Skill 1 and Ultimate; Martis's Skill 1; Leomord's Enhanced Skill 1
    • Tank: Franco's Skill 1; Johnson's Skill 2; Gatotkaca's Skill 1
    • Assassin: Lancelot's Skill 1, 2 and Ultimate; Benedetta's Skill 1 and 2; Natalia's Skill 1
    • Marksman: Granger's Skill 1 and Ultimate; Clint's Ultimate
    • Mage: Kadita's Skill 1 and Ultimate; Yve's Skill 2

So, what can you say about the recent changes made to Minsitthar?

Mobile Legends Beta Patch 1.7.50 is available on Android and iOS.

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