Report Says Mobile Games are Favorite Mobile Activity of Gen X

Some truly interesting insights.
Some truly interesting insights. Tapjoy

Mobile gaming is not going anywhere with nonstop support from gamers. A report titled Modern Mobile Gamer 2021: Gen X Edition surveyed people belonging to Generation X and it found out that 81% saw mobile games as their favorite mobile activity.

The survey was conducted by Tapjoy from February to September this year. This is the fourth in a series of reports, which saw insights from Generation Z, Parents, and Millennials.

In the same report, it was revealed that Gen X could keep up with the latest technology as almost 60% would replace their smartphones every two to three years. In addition, about 66% spent more time on mobile devices in 2020.

Other insights from the survey include:

  • While Gen X wasn’t as concerned with company values, they valued work-life balance.
    • Almost 75% were satisfied with their current employment status and only about 16% are unemployed.
  • Gen X typically preferred to use legacy services like cable television though they're also fans of streaming.
    • It turned out 86% use streaming services like Netflix.
  • The top mobile activity for Gen X was mobile games with social media coming in at a distant second.
    • Almost 70% play mobile games to unwind.
    • Gen X prefers mobile games that are intuitive and can be played in short sessions.
  • More than 50% did more mobile shopping in 2020 and intend to continue doing so.
    • The survey showed that 61% of Gen X plan to spend more this year.

In a statement, Tapjoy Senior Director of Marketing Lauren Baca shared that they are happy to highlight Gen X in the latest Modern Mobile Gamer. Gen X is said to be the generation that has seen it all from the rise of cable TV and MTC to the birth of video games, the tech of the 80s, and the rise of the internet in the 90s.

Baca revealed that while Gen X was only able to use smartphones in their 20s or 30s. They have managed to catch up to the younger generation when it comes to accessing the mobile platform. She added that with a secure income, Gen X being active mobile gamers and shoppers are a good target audience for mobile publishers and advertisers.

What do you think? If you’re a Gen X, do you agree with the report?

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