Misadventures Of Laura Silver Releases Tomorrow On PC

Release scheduled tomorrow.
Release scheduled tomorrow. Studio Attic Salt

Misadventures of Laura Silver: Chapter I, a visual novel game, will release tomorrow, August 14 on PC. The announcement comes after two years of development, and to celebrate there will be a 15% discount in the first week of its release.

The first chapter of the game takes place in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia. The year is 1935, and players take on the role of Laura Silver, a paranoid and insomniac detective who is also a gun enthusiast extraordinaire whose incompetence won't be the biggest problem players will face in Czechoslovakia. She is accompanied by Orewell Cooper, a former police officer.

The two characters are tasked with investigating a mysterious creature lurking in the murky waters of Pilsen. They disguise themselves as two journalists and get ready to investigate. However, their plans are interrupted following a suspicious death in a hotel. Also, a lost child is sitting out in the cold. Who is this child?

Players of Misadventures of Laura Silver are going to travel the world, which has a realistic fantasy setting, and they are going to come across a series of unexpected events, murders, and even corruption within their own bureau.

Features of the indie mystery game include:

  • 70,000+ words.
  • Eight hours of total gameplay.
  • Over 100 decisions.
  • Multiple endings.
  • Minigame elements.

According to the Patreon page from the game's developers, who are three college students from Turkey, they developed the game while they were studying at college. “It was a hard and lengthy process, but at the same time, it was pretty fun creating an independent visual novel,” they shared in the post.

Known as Studio Attic Salt, the trio have been financing everything from their allowances up until they began accepting donations for the project via Patreon. “Being independent was the number one priority for us during the development of this project, and we have mostly completed this goal,” they revealed.

Once they finish their studies, the developers are excited to work on their visual novels full time. They also plan on “becom[ing] the first visual novel studio in our country if the first part succeeds.”

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