Mein Waifu Is The Fuhrer: What Happens When You Mix Anime And Nazis

Anime and Nazis? Looks good.
Anime and Nazis? Looks good. DEVGRU-P

Yes, someone has made an anime video game about Nazis. If that wasn't enough for you to run screaming, the male Nazi leaders have been turned into female anime characters. If you're having trouble wrapping that around your brain, then just take a look at this Kickstarter project dubbed Mein Waifu Is the Fuhrer.

Calling itself "The Definitely Unauthorized Parody," the game's summary simply states that "the entire German high command is turned into anime characters on the eve of WWII, shenanigans ensue."

So what's the game all about? For starters, Erwin Rommel has been assigned to lead the invasion of Poland, but a plot by Oberstleutnant Claus von Stauffenberg results in the death of the whole German high command. Rommel goes back to Berlin in the hopes of preventing a civil war, but finds out that the high command isn't actually dead. Instead they've been changed to anime characters. Yes, that's the plot right there.

Rather than invade Poland, Rommel has no choice but to find a way to prevent the world descending into chaos due to the blunders of the Anime-Fuhrer.

Now if you're wondering how notorious war criminals like Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Herman Goering, Joseph Goebbels, and Rudolf Hess look like as female anime characters then wonder no more. Here are the five of them.

Adolf Hitler

Meet the Fuhrer
Meet the Fuhrer DEVGRU-P

Heinrich Himmler

Hates communists! Baka!
Hates communists! Baka! DEVGRU-P

Herman Goering

Ace fighter pilot and foodie.
Ace fighter pilot and foodie. DEVGRU-P

Joseph Goebbels

Loyal to the Fuhrer and possibly a Yuri.
Loyal to the Fuhrer and possibly a Yuri. DEVGRU-P

Rudolf Hess

Loyalty above all else.
Loyalty above all else. DEVGRU-P

The game is being developed by DEVGRU-P and so far the Kickstarter campaign is off to a good start. With only six days to go, the game already has 1,407 backers as of this writing. Out of the expected $8,000 goal, the campaign has so far netted at least $53,000.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, the game's editor, who identifies as Michael, said the he received backlash from both sides of the political spectrum. The far left is angry because the game appears to normalize Hitler while the far right doesn't take too kindly to the game mocking Hitler. In the same report, the Daily Beast revealed that according to Kickstarter, the game doesn't violate any of the rules since it is considered a parody project.

For those interested in supporting the game, you can go here.

The lowest amount is $1, which is the Conscript Tier, and gives you access to the game's development progress and allows you to buy a copy upon release. The largest is $500, the Fuhrer-Tier, though it is already closed.

The next best thing is the Hauptmann Tier, which requires you to donate at least $100. It gives you a signed physical edition of the game along with having your name in the credits. It also comes with the Mein Waifu Patch and Mein Waifu Keychain, among others.

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