Minecraft Snapshot 21w20a Axolotls Changes and Bug Fixes

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Mojang Studios has released Update 21w20a that fixed tons of bugs and made some changes in Minecraft Snapshot .

Axolotls, the underwater mobs introduced in the 1.17 update, have received several changes. When the Axolotls are low on health, they just play dead in the water, and when they do, it triggers their regeneration ability, which allows them to regain health. Axolotls also received bug fixes including walking animation in shallow water and getting stuck in inside waterlogged blocks.

Minecraft Snapshot 21w20a


  • Actually made Geodes rarer this time
  • GUI narration now includes position and usage of hovered or focused element
  • Tilling Rooted Dirt with a Hoe will now convert it into Dirt, and pop out a Hanging Roots item
  • Llamas no longer spit at players in peaceful mode

Bug Fixes

  • Grass/Flowers/Snow are placed incorrectly in newly created chunks
  • Barrier Blocks are not shown when “Show Invisible Blocks” is selected in Save Structure Blocks
  • Crash when loading world: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException when using Java 11 or above
  • Piglins, piglin brutes, hoglins, zoglins, and axolotls can attack their own teammates
  • Catching a fish in a bucket on creative mode doesn’t give the player new bucket
  • Name color for Minecart with Command Block is incorrect
  • Name color for Structure Void is incorrect
  • Crash when leaving out processors in a template pool: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: bound must be positive
  • Amethyst Geodes cause floating water/lava to generate when intersecting water/lava caves/pools
  • Amethyst geodes can overwrite bedrock
  • Lava Cauldron emits redstone signal strength 1 instead of 3
  • Dirt paths are no longer compatible with the programmer art resource pack
  • Rideable mobs are not affected by powder snow’s freezing effect while being ridden
  • Freezing hearts aren’t displayed properly in Programmer Art resource pack
  • Amethyst geodes can generate in a stronghold and can potentially destroy the end portal frames
  • minecraft:location_check predicate floating point imprecision
  • Parrots sitting on shoulders do not freeze in powder snow
  • Amethyst blocks are transparent / don’t conduct Redstone
  • Potion particles are showing when looking through spyglass
  • Pointed dripstones cause extreme durability damage to helmets
  • Mobs and particles sometimes don’t fully render behind stained or tinted glass
  • Trying to modify the world height of a world after it’s already been generated gives a null pointer exception
  • Axolotls get stuck and spin constantly on top of lily pads
  • Axolotls have a swimming animation (move their body up- and downwards) when on land
  • Axolotls do not avoid lava when pathfinding
  • Axolotls sometimes twitch rapidly when adjusting their rotation

You can read more about the update here.

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