Minecraft Is This Year's Most Watched Video Game In YouTube With 100 Billion Views

Bees are set to buzz in.
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Minecraft is at the top.
Minecraft is at the top. YouTube

YouTube released its 2019 Rewind video and it offers something entirely different. This year's format is in answer to the fiasco that was the 2018 Rewind. For this year, YouTube simply made lists and one of these is sure to get you interested. According to YouTube, the most viewed video game of the year is Minecraft, raking in more than 100.2 billion views. Yes, You read that right. That's 100 billion.

YouTube didn't really explain how it counted the views, but it's also interesting to note the games that Minecraft beat. The fifth place went to Roblox with a total of 29.6 billion views, with fourth place being Garena Free Fire with 29.9 billion. Coming in third was none other than Rockstar Games' top earner Grand Theft Auto with 36.9 billion views. Rounding out the top five is Fortnite at second place with 60.9 billion views.

While the YouTube video only revealed the top five most-viewed games, Business Insider was considerate enough to reveal the top 10. So who's on the bottom five? Mobile Legends Bang Bang was at number 10 with Brawl Stars in ninth place. Coming in at number eight is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds with seventh going to League of Legends. Finally, there is PUBG Mobile at sixth.

Looking at the full list, it's clear that the majority of the games in the top ten list are around two years old. According to Business Insider, the games on the list are those that have a huge online community that receive consistent updates.

Bees are Buzzing In

YouTube's reveal is sure to cause celebration to fans and players of Minecraft. However, there is still one more reason to celebrate. The crafting game is gearing up to introduce Buzzy Bees with its upcoming Holiday update. This big debut should arrive on December 11 and Minecraft is kicking off bee-themed initiatives before the big day. For starters, Minecraft is hosting live streams for those who want to learn more about this new feature. The schedule includes:

  • December 6(US)
    • 7:00 PM ET
    • Host: OMGCHAD
  • December 7 (Brazil)
    • 2:00 PM ET
    • Host: TAZERCRAFT
  • December 8 (Australia)
    • 4:00 AM ET

There's also going to be a community challenge beginning on December 13 and running through to December 15. Finally, there are all sorts of bee merch going on sale at teemill.com starting today.

So Minecraft fans out there, which piece of news do you like better?

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