Metal: Hellsinger to Release Essential Hits Pack This June

Metal Hellsinger Essential Hits
Enjoy more songs soon. FUNCOM

A new Essential Hits Pack is coming to Metal: Hellsinger on June 13. It expands the multi-award-winning original score by adding chart-topping hits from some of the world's biggest bands. The Essential Hits Pack features eight songs from different genres.

Once they become available, these eight songs are sure to put the hells in an entirely new light. The actual song titles and bands are going to be revealed at launch. By the way, the dev team revealed that since these are licensed music, the Song Layering feature is going to be turned off when playing with these songs.

New Update

The team also shared that they'll be released Update 1.7 alongside the Essential Hits Pack. The goal of this upcoming free update is to make sure that the hells are up to code. Meaning, the fires are flaming, the demons are jostling, and the metal is pounding. There are also bug fixes and balancing improvements from this patch.

One thing that players can expect is the Nvidia Reflex, an option found in the graphics menu of supported cards. The team shared that this feature is meant to reduce system latency. The settings for the feature are On, Off, or On + Boost. The On + Boost setting disables any power-saving features for the GPU to reduce latency further.

The team also revealed that once Update 1.7 is live, they're going to wipe the slate clean on the leaderboards. This should be good news for those who want another chance to be at the top.

Metal: Hellsinger was released in September 2022 and invites players to journey across the eight hells and slay demons to the rhythm of metal and vengeance. In addition to kick-ass soundtrack, the game also includes:

  • Demonic Arsenal
    • Defeat the demon hordes using a skull-clad blade or a wide range of murderous guns.
    • Each weapon has its own ultimate ability like Murder of Crows or The Big Goodbye.
  • Epic Story and Challenge Mode
    • Play through an epic storyline narrated by award-winning actor Troy Baker.
    • Unlock special challenges and conquer the realms of Torment to become more powerful in the stages and get a leg up on the leaderboards.

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