‘Mega Man’ Franchise Revival Coming To iOS And Android, Includes First Six Games

Mega Man Mobile 1-6
Mega Man Mobile 1-6 Capcom

Mega Man fans rejoice: six installments from the original Mega Man series are coming to iOS and Android. The announcement was confirmed via Capcom’s Twitter with a registration link attached.

While the Mega Man news is exciting, some fans are wary about Mega Man’s mobile port: the platform jumper has always demanded timing and precision. However, its “tight controls” might not work well considering the inherent lag that some older touchscreens may have.

During a press release for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite’s announcement, Capcom stated, “Capcom is currently focused on reviving series that have not had new entries recently or otherwise dormant IP.Mega Man was right away on the speculative list of franchises to make a comeback and so it has, just not what we thought. Capcom’s plans to revive the Mega Man franchise comes as a surprise because Mega Man is not a remake or remaster, but will instead tap into a new market.

The six Mega Man installments include:

  • Mega Man® Mobile - The evil Dr. Wily must be stopped in this classic action platformer, the original Mega Man!
  • Mega Man® 2 Mobile- Dr. Wily resurfaces to threaten the world again! Only Mega Man can stand in his way.
  • Mega Man® 3 Mobile - Fight berserk robots on uncharted planets. Mega Man must set a course for space to resolve this mysterious crisis.
  • Mega Man® 4 Mobile - A year has passed since Mega Man’s battle in space. A new enemy appears – Dr. Cossack.
  • Mega Man® 5 Mobile - Manic robots cause chaos in the city. How is Proto Man involved? Only Mega Man can find out!
  • Mega Man® 6 Mobile - The Global Robot Alliance is formed, but this newfound peace is threatened by a new foe – the enigmatic Mr. X!

Mega Man is coming to iOS and Android app stores in January. Should you want to dabble in a Mega Man mobile experience, sign up for notifications and pre-register here. Stay tuned for further developments on Mega Man Mobile.

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