MediEvil Gets New Story Trailer And Release Date

The remake of the cult classic is set to be released this Ocotber.
Sir Dan is back and in glorious 4K - still missing an eye though.
Sir Dan is back and in glorious 4K - still missing an eye though. Sony Interactive Entertainment

Enjoy your trip back to Gallowmere, courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment, as it brings you the much-awaited remake of the original PlayStation classic MediEvil this October.

The remake of the cult classic was first announced back in October of last year, and ever since, we have heard very little from it besides a very neat announcement trailer. That changed recently, when Sony finally announced that we will get to see a proper first look at MediEvil during the Sony State of Play from earlier this week.

The new trailer gives details for the story of MediEvil, with Sony describing the plot in the YouTube video description. "There lived in the kingdom of Gallowmere a sorcerer named Zarok. He raised an army of demons and set out to take the realm," the description reads. "Sir Daniel Fortesque led the militia in the battle against this unholy horde. Fortesque went down in history that day as the hero of Gallowmere (not really). And then, the Sorcerer returned."

But of course, as fate would have it, Sir Daniel Fortesque was given a second chance to defeat Zarok and end his reign of evil once and for all. It’s also a chance to redeem his embarrassing defeat beforehand and live up to the legend of his name. Contrary to what the legend actually says, Sir Daniel Fortesque was hit by the first arrow during the battle, losing his left eye in the process. The King of Gallowmere covered up this fact, and turned Sir Dan into a reluctant hero with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Along the way, Fortesque faces various monsters, demons and other nefarious creatures that do the bidding of Zarok. You can wield a variety of weapons in the game, and the camera and combat system seem to have been largely overhauled, in addition to updated graphics and adding 4K support for the PlayStation 4 Pro. I did, however, see some frame drops here and there during some parts of the gameplay, especially during the bow-and-arrow section as well as the pumpkin patch section. Hopefully this will be ironed out before launch.

The release of MediEvil comes in both standard and Digital Deluxe Edition versions. The fancy deluxe edition includes the full game download, an artbook called “The Art of MediEvil,” the original soundtrack, a digital comic book, a dynamic theme for your PlayStation 4, and a ‘Super Armor’ in-game armor set. The pre-order page is expected to pop up anytime soon.

MediEvil is scheduled to be released this October 25, 2019, as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

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