Medieval Dynasty: Public Staging Patch Adds Third-Person Perspective

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A new public staging patch is now available for Medieval Dynasty. This update adds the third-person perspective - a neat feature to let you see your surroundings more clearly than the original view.

Previously, if you’ve changed things in the settings menu, you must restart the game for those changes to take effect. But in Patch, the current game customization menu allows you to adjust gameplay settings without starting a new game.

For bug fixes, your mounts are less likely to sprint backward now, though they may still do that from time to time. Furthermore, if the mounting animation is canceled, the player camera will no longer get stuck and you can rotate it up or down as you wish.

Changing the settings for the camera shake and the breathing option will now apply correctly after loading the game. The developers reduced the size of game saves as well.

Patch Highlights

  • Scroll control setting added for toggling between camera zoom and quick slots
  • The possibility to sit on benches and stools owned by the player
  • The possibility to zoom out of a building while putting up a ghost
  • In the management for NPC details, building, or animal it is now possible to get to the details of assigned workplace, relative, etc.
  • New decorative items: Wooden badger, bear, bird, rabbit, and wolf figurines
  • New sounds for filling a bucket with water
  • Sounds of filling a waterskin
  • All new sounds to a torch
  • All new sounds for a shovel
  • Reduced the cases where some NPCs were sitting in the wrong place
  • Several hunters can skin the same dead animal
  • Toddlers don't have animations when talking to another toddler
  • Sometimes the night guard holds a torch during the day
  • Sometimes NPCs from the player's village don't work properly on optimization
  • A performance drop when the player started talking to the NPC
  • Visual enhancement of distant trees
  • Numerous adjustments to the distribution of rocks and plant
  • The cases where the NPC is unable to enter a building are reduced
  • Player's NPCs can walk to random points in the village
  • Changed the NPCs avoidance system
  • Player’s sprint animation
  • Player’s jump animation
  • Added the wooden shovel to handcrafting items
  • Wooden shovel no longer requires buying a scheme

Remember that this update is only available if you selected the game’s “BETAS” option on your Steam library.

Medieval Dynasty Public Staging Patch is now available on PC.

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