Medieval Dynasty v1.0.1.1 New Content and Bug Fixes

Medieval Dynasty Update
Medieval Dynasty Update Steam

Medieval Dynasty recently received a new update that added new content and fixed tons of issues. The developers added a new piece of decorative furniture, which is the Scarecrow. This item can be used to decorate the player’s house. Players might have already seen scarecrows if they played during Halloween.

There was an issue where the changing tool while aiming with the bow would keep the right hand in aiming animation for a short time. This issue could make it hard to immediately switch between tools. Thankfully, this is resolved by the latest patch.

Medieval Dynasty v1.0.1.1

  • Clicking in inventory on armor slot changes item selection to that item
  • Clicking in inventory on quick slot changes item selection to that item
  • Added "priority" parameter in consumption for "people needs UI"
  • Drag and drop in inventory from item to quick slot
  • Drag and drop to change item quick slot index from one to another
  • Sorting in management "buildings" tab
  • Sorting in management "people" tab
  • Sorting for inhabitants and buildings in assignment UIs
  • Achievement with interaction on a field larger than 6x6
  • Several flying plants
  • Sometimes some NPCs don't go to work after loading the game
  • Sometimes some NPCs hang in the air after loading the game
  • Sometimes NPC may start working at the same workbench the player is working at
  • Clicking on "Free Up Workstation" and moving the NPC will block the workbench
  • Workers harvested incorrect amounts of grain when a sector of the field was partially scythed
  • Pressing space while crouching did not stop the player from crouching
  • Horizontal sensitivity value no longer affects the turning speed of the mount
  • Character stands perpendicular to the ground after dismounting on sloped terrain
  • Possibility to open inventory while moving for interaction or performing interaction with animal
  • Camera FoV not resetting when getting on a mount while aiming
  • Camera moving too far back when looking up with head-bobbing disabled
  • Simple sack interact animation
  • Crafting a waterskin with water at well adds another empty waterskin
  • Crafting wine from juice makes an extra empty wine bottle
  • No notification about removed items during crafting
  • Selection changing too fast if other input was held
  • Double colon in "New field" quest
  • Pressing the button for starting the game 2 times in a row result in bugged background
  • Looking at the cauldron in the kitchen sometimes showed grate interaction instead
  • Mothers holding invisible infants

You can read more about the update here.

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