Medieval Dynasty: New Public Staging Patch Adds Support for Dragging and Dropping Items

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A new public staging build is now available for Medieval Dynasty. This is basically a beta update where the developers can test new features before adding them to the final version.

That said, Patch adds support for dragging and dropping items. For instance, you can now drag and drop an item from your inventory to your quick slot.

New dialogue sounds for Farewell, First time Greeting, Greeting, and Vendor have been added. Furthermore, the Scarecrow can be used as a piece of decorative furniture.

For bug fixes, the issues pertaining to NPCs not going back to work and some hanging in the air when loading the game have been resolved. Additionally, the problem where the camera field of view is not resetting when getting on a mount while aiming has been fixed.

Patch Highlights

  • Clicking in inventory on armor slot changes item selection to that item
  • Clicking in inventory on quick slot changes item selection to that item
  • Added "priority" parameter in consumption for "people needs UI"
  • Drag and drop to change item quick slot index from one to another
  • Drag and drop items on character portrait make character equip it
  • Drag and drop items on mount portrait make mount equip it
  • Drag and drop an item on armor slot to equip it
  • Drag and drop items out of inventory to remove them from the inventory
  • Drag and drop items work with trading and transferring
  • Sorting in management "buildings" tab
  • Sorting in management "people" tab
  • Sorting for inhabitants and buildings in assignment UIs
  • Achievement with interaction on a field larger than 6x6
  • Several flying plants
  • Sometimes NPC may start working at the same workbench the player is working at
  • Clicking on "Free Up Workstation" and moving the NPC will block the workbench
  • Workers harvested incorrect amounts of grain when a sector of the field was partially scythed
  • Pressing space while crouching did not stop the player from crouching
  • Horizontal sensitivity value no longer affects the turning speed of the mount
  • Camera FoV not resetting when getting on a mount while aiming
  • Camera moving too far back when looking up with head-bobbing disabled
  • Rendering optimizations
  • Added Broadleaf Plantain to starting inventory
  • Before interacting with the furniture, the NPCs check that someone is not standing and blocking the furniture
  • Sowing animation now doesn't cancel after interacting with field chunk
  • Filling a waterskin, bucket, or lighting a campfire no longer consumes stamina
  • Reduced jittering of knees/legs for horse and donkey when standing still

Keep in mind that the things implemented in this update are still subject to change before the final release.

Medieval Dynasty Beta Staging Patch is now available on PC.

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