Marvel’s Avengers Update 1.3.3 Patch Notes: New Content, DLSS 2.0 Support, And More

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It’s no secret that the Marvel’s Avengers launch was problematic. The game was filled with bugs, issues, performance problems, and repetitive content. Several of the shortcomings of Avengers could have been solved by a delay. However, that didn’t happen.

Anyway, developer Crystal Dynamics has been working hard to resolve some of these issues. Their latest effort, Update 1.3.3, went live yesterday on all platforms. The update was quite an important one. It made several gameplay changes and added new features. New content has also been added to increase the longevity of the game (and also to revive the dwindling player base).

The update now lets you preview cosmetics items from vendors before purchasing them. You can now change the size of subtitles and closed captions. AI companions have been improved (thank you for this), and you can pick up rewards from a greater distance. DLSS 2.0 support has also been added for PC, which is big news for Nvidia graphics card users.

That’s not all, as Crystal Dynamics has also claimed that the next update (1.3.4) will bring more fixes and improvements, along with several new UI options. You can check out the highlights of the patch below. The complete patch notes are mentioned on the official site.


  • Remote faction terminals have been added to outposts, which allow collection of faction assignments and villain sector bounties without the need to visit each faction coordinator in person.
  • Extended pickup radius for reward drops.
  • The ability to preview cosmetic vendor items.
  • Option to scale subtitle/closed caption text size.
  • Closed Captions will no longer be automatically display in cinematics when subtitles are displayed.
  • Movement speed increased in outposts when in Avengers Initiative
  • AI companion improvements, including assistance when player needs to be revived.
  • Improved Mega Hive rewards. They now are guaranteed to give two exclusive exotic gear items and an increased amounts of upgrade modules upon completion.
  • Implemented a fix that will retroactively grant Iron Man's iconic outfit for players who previously lost it due to a bug.

So what do you think? Are you interested in Marvel’s Avengers? Are you still playing the game, or have you moved on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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