Marvel's Next Game, Future Revolution, Is Coming To Mobile Devices

Open-world game in development.
Open-world game in development. Marvel

Marvel fans have a little something to look forward to with Marvel Future Revolution. Developed by Netmarble, in partnership with Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Future Revolution is going to be an open-world game for mobile devices. It's going to have many of the super heroes and villains from Marvel that fans love, along with an all-new original storyline.

The story is written by none other than Marc Sumerak of Marvel Comics. He is known for the Power Pack series along with Franklin Richards: Son of a Genius. For Marvel Future Revolution, the story begins with different Earths from different dimensions coming to form a Primary Earth (a term DC fans are likely to be familiar with). Players take the role of an agent who is a member of the new super hero team known as Omega Flight. Players need to work together to fight against super villains and ensure the continued existence of the universe.

So far, playable heroes include Captain American, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man. Villains include Baron Mordo, Green Goblin, M.O.D.O.K., and Red Skull. Aside from choosing a character, players can also make changes to their costumes.

In a statement Marvel Games Vice-President and Head of Creative, Bill Roseman, said that many Marvel fans have long wanted to explore the universe in an open-world setting. He added that the upcoming game is going to give these fans "the chance to not only journey through these strange new locations, but also customize their favorite Heroes into never-before-seen costume combos." Roseman went on to say that Marvel is excited to work again with Netmarble, especially with the continued success of Marvel Future Fight. Marvel is also looking forward to offering players "countless hours of fun for players to battle alongside their friends and save our universe."

Meanwhile, in a press release Netmarble Executive Producer Andy Kang revealed that they are happy to be able to continue the partnership with Marvel, especially as the fifth-year anniversary of Marvel Future Fight is almost here. He added that they look “forward to share a whole new open world experience with Marvel and mobile gaming fans everywhere.”

What do you think, Marvel fans? Are you excited?

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