Marvel Realm Of Champions Takes The Fight To Battleworld

Choose your house.
Choose your house. Kabam

Get ready to choose your favorite hero as Marvel Realm of Champions is all set to give you a new gaming experience. In this real-time RPG for the mobile platform, players choose "Houses" and team up with friends to fight against enemies and other players in Battleworld.

The game is being developed by Kabam in partnership with Marvel Entertainment and is a follow-up to Marvel Contest of Champions.

Marvel Realm of Champions is a re-imagining of the Marvel Universe and takes players to Battleworld. This forbidden planet lies behind the Space-Time Barrier whose already uneasy peace has been thrown into disarray with the death of the God-King Maestro. The alliances between the House of Iron (Iron Man), Patriot Garrison (Captain America), Spider-Guild (Spider-Man), and Pyramid X (X-Men), among others, have been broken and a war is now raging across the land for dominance. As a champion that is aligned with one of the Houses, players need to work together or fight each other in order to get resources for their faction.

In Realm of Champions, players need to equip their Champion with Super Hero-inspired gear and team up with friends in order to explore different landscapes that are clearly Marvel inspired, such as the Asgardian battlefields and high-tech cities developed using Stark Technologies. While on the map, player can choose to participate in Player vs. Environment (PvE) or the more exciting Player vs. Player (PvP). Players need to have a good strategy in making use of their character class abilities to ensure better teamwork and attain maximum effect.

In a press statement, Art/Creative Director of Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Realm of Champions Gabriel Frizzera said that working with Marvel on Contest of Champions was a dream for Kabam. With Marvel Contest of Champions, he added, the game "continues to grow with years of content down the pipeline, Marvel Realm of Champions will take players from the Battlerealm’s one-on-one duels to the Battleworld’s global skirmishes for complete territorial control in the name of their House."

Meanwhile Marvel Games VP of Creative Bill Rosemann said in the statement that with Marvel Contest of Champions on its fifth year, it was exciting "to see Kabam expand their ongoing story and invite players to become their own Marvel Super Hero to vie for the fate of Battleworld." The question that players need to answer, he said, is whose house are they going to choose?

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