Marvel Future Fight Celebrates Four Years And 100 Million Downloads

Marvel Future Fight
Marvel Future Fight Netmarble

Netmarble Games announced that its Marvel Future Fight mobile game celebrated its four anniversary on Tuesday, April 30. The game was officially launched back in 2015 to the Android and iOS platforms.

Since its release, the game reached 50 million downloads within two years. Around 20 million came from Asia, with Europe and North America having at least 10 million each. Currently the game has experienced at least 100 million downloads worldwide.

In addition, Netmarble also released these interesting facts:

  • A total of 187 heroes are now available to be chosen
  • There are 203 uniforms available for all the heroes
  • An estimated 1 billion superheroes are owned by the agents or players
  • Total playtime of all agents has reached 40,000 years
  • Agents have saved the universe from the wrath of Thanos at least 100 million times
  • Marvel Future Fight has been protected from Sentinels/Master Molds around 3.4 million times

The game has a number of features that include:

  • Alliance Conquest
    • Players get to form alliances and fight other groups to control territories
  • Arena
    • Players need to recruit heroes and form alliances in order to have the ultimate team and fight against other players.
  • Legendary Battles
    • Inspired by the movies, players get to part of epic fights and get rewards depending on the character upgrade levels.
  • World Boss
    • Players need to stop Thanos in order to win rewards and get new characters.

In celebration of this anniversary, Netmarble is offering special in-game events to all agents:

  • 8 Weeks Login Event
    • During this period agents get to receive rewards like the 6-star Mega Rank Up Ticket
    • With the ticket agents can get 6-star heroes like Black Widow, Hulk, and Iron Man
  • Fourth Anniversary Comics Card
    • Players get to received this special card
    • Only available beginning April 30 until May 13
  • 4th Anniversary Characters Voting Event
    • Netmarble is conducting a character poll to determine which characters need to be revamped.
    • Choices include:
      • Blade
      • Daisy Johnson
      • Daredevil
      • Drax
      • Gamora
      • Jessica Jones
      • Mockingbird
      • Red Skull
      • Rogue
      • Vision
  • Avengers Special Event Quest
  • Other events

Marvel Future Fight is available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

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