Marvel Contest of Champions: Viv Vision, Kate Bishop Joining the Roster

Young Avengers join the fight.
Young Avengers join the fight. Kabam

Two new heroes are joining the fight in Marvel Contest of Champions. Viv Vision arrives first on March 15 with Kate Bishop following on March 30. The two are in The Battlerealm to investigate bizarre thefts and discover a sinister Hydra plot which threatens The Contest itself.

Tactician and Friend

For a lot of people, Vivi is known as the daughter of Vision and was the only survivor in Vision’s attempt to build himself what he considered as the perfect family. However, to her teammates, she’s more than that.

Viv is not only a powerful ally and trusted friend, she’s also a tactician of unparalleled efficiency. She has all the powers her father had like solar radiation absorption and projection, the ability to manipulate her density at will, and a computer consciousness. For now, her potential is limited solely by her age and experience. Considering that she can grow and learn like a human, there’s no telling just how powerful she can become.

Her abilities are:

  • Solar Beam
    • Unleashes the power of the sun in a barrage of beams.
  • Close-Quarters Protocol
    • Delivers a series of density enhanced blows, enhanced by tapping block just before a hit occurs.
  • Awakened Awareness
    • Viv awakens her emotional core, granting her strength and clarity like never before.

The Prodigy

It was during the Battle of New York when Kate Bishop witnessed the heroics of Hawkeye which forever changed her life. This inspired her not only to excel in archery and swordplay but all manner of combat skills. She eventually became the partner of her hero and it was then that she learned the secrets of Hawkeye's famous trick arrows.

Kate’s abilities include:

  • Back Up So I Can Hit You
    • Knocks back her opponent before hitting them with a trick arrow.
  • Stand Right... There
    • Attacks her opponent with a spinning kick, a point-blank trick arrow, and a hail of putty arrows.
  • Watch This
    • Shrinks her opponent with a Pym arrow and then blasts them with an explosive arrow.

Quick Update

Last week, Update V38.1 was released and it delivered many hero changes including:

  • Hawkeye
    • Increased the window of Perfect Release to match Kate Bishop’s.
    • Fixed an issue where Wiccan’s synergy with Hawkeye was increasing Bleed duration instead of Rupture.
  • Iceman
    • When an Evade fails due to Iceman’s Coldsnap, a callout now appears.
  • Rogue
    • Listed what buffs Rogue’s Copy ability copies.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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