Marvel Contest of Champions: Two New Characters Based on Ant-Man Joining the Roster

A little girl doing big things.
A little girl doing big things. Kabam

Once again, two new characters are joining the roster of Marvel Contest of Champions. This time, they are inspired by the film Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, coming to theaters in the US later this month. Anyway, the two new champions are probably not what you would expect.

The Little Girl Has Grown

The first one is Cassie Lang, daughter of Scott Lang. She's best described as a little girl doing big things. As the daughter of Ant-Man, she has access to the Pym Particle Technology. In particular, her specialized Pym Suit lets her grow and shrink in size.

The abilities she brings in the Contest are:

  • The Lang Special
    • Performs a quick combo before devastating the enemy with a Pym particle powered knee to the jawline.
  • Growing Frustrations
    • Cassie lets loose and then grows big to destroy enemies with punches and kicks.
  • Pym Suit Overdrive
    • Narrowly avoids an attack by shrinking down and fool enemies into thinking they've crushed her but it's actually the other way around.

Cassie Lang joins the roster on February 16 and you can check out what else she has to offer in this video.

From the Future

The second champion is Dr. Zayn Asghar, also known as Ant-Man of the future. He is a brilliant inventor who came up with the nano-ant swarm, microbots developed to restore the collapsing climate. Using the Time Platform of Doctor Doom, he travels through time in hopes of ending the global crisis in his time.

His abilities include:

  • Holospear
    • Forms a paralyzing sphere around the enemy while releasing a nano-ant spear construct.
  • Nano-Punch
    • Take two swings with nano-ant fist constructs before a surprise attack nano-ant spear flings out from under him.
  • Nao-Ant Swarm
    • Nano-ant swarm overwhelms the enemy and gathers to form a giant nano-ant fist for the finishing blow.

The Ant-Man of the future also arrives March 2 and you learn more about what he brings to the game in this video.

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What do you think? Ready to have fun? Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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