Marvel Contest of Champions: Mantis Joins the Roster December 15

An empath and martial artist arrives.
An empath and martial artist arrives. Kabam

A new champion is set to arrive in Marvel Contest of Champions, with Mantis joining the roster December 15. Now, before you think that you’re getting a “weak” hero, know that she isn’t just an expert empath but also a master martial artist.

There’s no question that she’s more than ready to take on The Contest as a powerful fighter, especially with her emotional influence. She had been taught to be a grand mistress of martial arts by none other than the Priests of Pama. As a result, she became the Celestial Madonna, considered as the Mother of a being destined to change the universe.

Because of this, she now has a new body taken from a race called the Cotati. Through this new body, Mantis was able to get complete control over her own spirit and emotions, which she uses to fight with the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and of course, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

For those of you wondering, here skills are:

  • Induced Hypersomnia
    • Mantis waves her hand and inflicts encroaching sleep on her opponents.
  • ​Emotional Outburst
    • Perform a powerful palm strike to annihilate her opponents with guaranteed critical hits.
  • Dance Off to Save the Contest
    • She knows how to break it down: Inflict “tranquilize” on the opponent.

This Month's Events

What else is going on in Marvel Contest of Champions this December? There's a celebration happening since the game turns eight years old this month. Players can log in daily to get special rewards from the Anniversary Calendar. They can also battle in Special Arenas to obtain Crystal Shards. Of course, don't miss the Anniversary event from December 10 to December 17.

Here are other things to look forward to:

  • Rocket’s Holiday Scraptacular
    • Fight your way through different Guardians of the Galaxy allies, foes, and everything in between to earn Scrap.
    • Once you have enough Scrap, check out Rocket’s Workshop to trade it for amazing loot.
  • The Banquet
    • New to The Contest this holiday season is the Banquet.
    • Buy and open Banquet Crystals, compete in Alliance and Solo Events, earn Accolades, and send fellow Alliance members select consumables.
  • Improved Quest Preview
    • Get a preview of what persistent rewards await on each quest path before you play.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS.

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