Marvel Contest of Champions: Shuri and Attuma Joining the Roster

A princess is set to join soon.
A princess is set to join soon. Kabam

New content is now available in Marvel Contest of Champions and it's themed around the upcoming "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" film. Two new Champions are introduced, and they are Shuri [Avengers: Infinity War] and Attuma [Black Panther: Wakanda Forever]. Shuri arrives in the game on November 10 while Attuma becomes part of the roster starting December 1.

How did these two become involved? It turns out that the plague of Galactus has continued to consume The Battlerealm. Now, the World Eaters have set their sights on Wakanda. Shuri has asked for help from the Summoner and the two need to convince Namor to open up his gates. However, Attuma may have other plans for the new arrivals.

A Different Kind of Princess

Shuri is not just a princess of Wakanda but also serves as the head of the Wakandan Design Group. It is her genius and ingenuity that helped Wakanda obtain modern technical superiority. Because she's not really that concerned when it comes to ceremony or tradition, Shuri works to push the limits of what vibranium technology can offer. She was the one who developed the advanced suits worn by her brother T’Challa, the Black Panther.

In the game, she brings with her these skills:

  • Combat Analysis
    • A series of strikes that increase precision on each successful hit.
  • Vibranium Voltaics
    • Vibranium shockwaves subdue the opponent and slam them with stored energy.
  • Apex Resonance
    • Launches the opponent into the air and disintegrates them with overcharged beams.

Meet the Protector

Attuma is the faithful protector of Talokan and helps king Namor in protecting their people from threats not just above but even below. Proud and strong, he has a knack for grasping opportunities. In addition, he also has an iron will to never fully surrender, even if the situation did not go according to plan. With Talokan now facing a threat from those who live on the surface, he's not afraid to do what it takes to defend his people and culture.

Once Attuma joins the roster, players need to look out for these skills:

  • Hydro-Bomb Bash
    • Flings an arc of water into the opponent and detonate a hydro-bomb at point blank range.
  • Raging Typhoon
    • Stun the opponent with a hydro-bomb and deliver a crushing series of devastating blows.
  • What Dwells Below
    • Open a rift to the briny depths of the ocean and leave the opponent to a grisly fate.

Marvel Contest of Champions is available on Android and iOS. Learn more about the game here.

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