Mario Kart Tour Now Has A Landscape Mode With Latest Update

A new way to play.
A new way to play. Nintendo

Mario Kart Tour released an update which makes a rather big change to the game. How big of a change? Well, players can now play in landscape mode which also comes with a new control layout. This should give players a new way to play.

Along with this new update are the new All-Cup Ranking rewards. In the past, the ranks were mainly for show, but now there’s a way to earn in-game rewards. In addition, players that place in the top 1,000 of the All-Cup ranking during a particular tour also get rewarded with a badge exclusive to that tour.

Wild Wild West

There’s still time to join the Wild West Tour. This limited-time event is going to last until August 12 at 1:59 AM. This tour also marks the official playable debut of Nabbit in the game.

On Week 1 of the event, Wario (Cowboy) is going to be in the spotlight along with the Brown Offroader kart and the Rainbow Starchute glider. His special item is the Fire Flower, which players can use to turn up the heat on his opponents. Wario (Cowboy) is especially good during the second course of every cup for the duration of the event, so players need to make the most of that.

On Week 2, Nabbit is going to finally make an appearance along with the Carrot Kart and the Nabbit Oilpaper Umbrella. Nabbit’s special item is known as Lucky Seven, which can be as good as gold. The favored course for this driver is the third course of every cup for the duration of the event.

During the event, the Tour list includes Wendy, the Red Kiddie Kart, and the Parafoil glider. Meanwhile, those who have the Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass subscription and manage to earn enough Grand Stars get these as Tour gifts: Pink Shy Guy, Gold Train kart, Cloud 9 kart, and Bullet Bill Hanafuda glider.

Mario Kart Tour is a racing game released for the mobile platform. It is the fourteenth game in the Mario Kart series. Mario Kart Tour offers biweekly, downloadable themed tours that have different cups. Each cup has three courses along with a bonus challenge. Courses include those that already appeared in the Mario Kart series along with those located in cities across the real world.

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