Mario Kart Tour Guide: It's All About The Points

It's all points.
It's all points. Nintendo

Nintendo has just released the latest addition to its lineup of games with Mario Kart Tour. This game was released to mobile devices for both Android and iOS. In most racing games, players generally get points mainly for winning. In Mario Kart Tour, however, points function a little differently. You still get points when you win a race, but you also get points for other actions. So how do points work in Mario Kart Tour?

As mentioned, the points a player earns is based on the actions performed during a race. The total points is computed by a combination of different factors.

Base Points

At the start of the game, players have their own driver, kart, and glider. Each of these comes with their own individual base points. With each kart and glider having favored courses, it is important to choose the right one in order to give you added points. Having the right kart, for example, gives you as much as double the bonus. Using the correct glider meanwhile gives you a 3X combo bonus also with a large combo-time bonus. Frequency is just as important, meaning the more you race, the higher your base points go.

Position Points

Position points are mainly points received based on the player's placement in the race:

  • 1st place: x1
  • 2nd place: x0.85
  • 3rd place: x0.75
  • 4th place: x0.65
  • 5th place: x0.55
  • 6th place: x0.45
  • 7th place: x0.35
  • 8th place: x0.2

You also need to consider the speed categories, since each one offers a different position point.

Bonus Points

Bonus points are given based on what actions you perform during the game. These can be earned by doing Jump Boosts or hitting opponents with items. Players can even take out Goombas to get higher bonus points.


A combo is made by performing a bonus action and then doing another bonus action right after that. This allows you to get a combo bonus. Bonuses increase a little if actions are performed within two seconds of each other. To rack up the needed points, try to get as many bonus actions as you can.

So why are points important? Well, the points that you get during a race are needed in earn Grand Stars, which are then needed to unlock more races. What are you waiting for? Start your engines and get to collecting those points.

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