MapleStory Is Entering A Dynamite Collaboration With BTS

Light it up like dynamite!
Light it up like dynamite! Nexon

It looks like something big is coming to MapleStory. How big, you ask? It’s “Dynamite” big. If you still don’t have a clue, then maybe you should think about joining the Army. That’s right. MapleStory announced that it is collaborating with none other than global pop superstars BTS.

Nothing much has actually been revealed about the collaboration so far. What has been revealed is that leading up to the collaboration, players are going to get three behind the scenes videos surrounding this collaboration. A new video is set to be released each week and you can watch the teaser below:

For those not familiar, MapleStory continues to be one of the largest, as well as the most active, free-to-play and side-scrolling MMORPGs. The game was first released in South Korea in 2003 and then Japan later in that year. It was released in North America by 2005. Since then, MapleStory has managed to reach more than 180 million users around the world with total lifetime revenue of over $3 billion. In MapleStory, players travel to Maple World and defeat monsters while also developing the skills and abilities of their characters. According to Nexon America, at least 274 million characters have been created to date.

In 2018, MapleStory M was released, which brought the game to the mobile platform. It continued to offer the same customization, immersive storylines, and epic boss raids that fans have come to love and expect from the franchise. Within 100 days after its worldwide launch, this game reached 10 million downloads. Recently, MapleStory M celebrated its two-year anniversary and revealed that it had received 16 million global downloads.

With out of the way, let’s talk about BTS. The collaboration with MapleStory isn’t the first for this group. They actually have a game all about them, which is BTS World. BTS World was released in 2019. Here players take the role of the group’s manager and oversee the journey of each of the BTS members. Just this September, it was also announced that a new game based on the group was in development and is titled BTS Universe Story.

That BTS is entering this collaboration is not a surprise considering the heights the group has reached this year. Their single, “Dynamite”, reached the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Global 200. This made them the first South Korean group to reach such a milestone. The group also recently released a follow-up single titled “Life Goes On.” The song’s music video debuted on November 20 and has reached more than 130 million views already.

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