Magusphere Of The Magical Girl Officially Announced For PS4 And PC

A magical girl with a magical gun.
Publisher Mediascape has announced a 2020 release window for Magusphere of the Magical Girl.
Publisher Mediascape has announced a 2020 release window for Magusphere of the Magical Girl. Mediascape

The action-filled third-person shooter Magusphere of the Magical Girl has just been confirmed for a 2020 release. As announced by publisher Mediascape and developer Ohbado, the shooter title will be launched in Japan for the PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam in 2020.

Magusphere of the Magical Girl lets players assume control of a magical girl who is armed with a magical gun. Don’t let her cute appearance full you though, as a single pull of the trigger can demolish her enemies and level entire cities.

No story details for Magusphere of the Magical Girl has been released yet, but publisher Mediascape has revealed a list of features that players should expect when the game comes out. First is the both rugged and cute design of the player character, combining the whimsy of a magical girl and the toughness of firearms. A voiceover cast of esteemed industry veterans is also something that has been boasted, although no names have been dropped yet.

A two-minute trailer has also been released, showcasing Magusphere of the Magical Girl's high levels of destruction, with everything from plants, roads, buildings, houses, and more being destroyed by your player character. The shockwaves caused by this destruction can also be used to your advantage.

The game also introduces what they call the “M.i.e. System” which, “through skillful play, can activate a set, kabuki-like post vital in anime special effect expression, which bestows a support effect upon the player... Skilled players will be able to play even more skillfully, further enhancing the feeling of immersion”. If my assumption is correct, this system works like an emote and buff system, which can be used either by completing combos, dodging enemies, or just introducing chaos to the world. Lastly, the enemy gremlins also use real weapon such as the iconic Tiger I heavy tank, to missiles, helicopters, and gigantic cannons.

More information about the game should release in the following months. Magusphere of the Magical Girl will be playable on PC at the Mediascape booth at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, which runs from September 12 to 15.

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