Magic Arrives To Sims 4 In Upcoming Pack

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Magic arrives.
Magic arrives. EA

Prepare to meet the supernatural as the Realm of Magic is set to arrive in the Sims 4. This latest pack releases for the PC and Mac on September 10. The console version, meanwhile, is set to be launched on October 15.

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic introduces the quiet town of Glimmerbrook. There are family homes and places to hang out here. However, there is also a dense wooded area that appears to have a mysterious pathway. What could be lurking at this not-so-secret trail? If your Sim has a bit of adventure in their personality, chances are they will want to know. Once they do, they are going to discover a world unlike any other encountered in the game. Take note that once your Sim goes through the portal door, they are never going to un-see the world.

Once through the portal, your Sim is going probably going to encounter spells that your Sim can learn from spellcasters. They can even get experimental and get a giant cauldron. Your Sims can then collect ingredients and brew interesting potions. Your Sim can even fight against other spellcasters to test their skills.

While casting spells and brewing potions is indeed great, your Sim should also dress the part. Your Sim can wear celestial dresses and accessories that allow them to blend in with spellcasters or stand out among the normal crowd.

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic follows the release of the Moschino Stuff Pack. This special pack includes Moschino Capsule Collection pieces inspired by The Sims. Once players get this pack, they are going to find Moschino ready-to-wear items in their Sim's closet, which includes styles from past collections. Your Sim gets the chance to be a freelance photographer and grow their career in the Moschino Stuff Pack as well. They can curate a collection, select the perfect subject to choose and even find the right angles to increase their subject's look.

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