Lost Ark Celebrates First Anniversary with New In-Game Events

Happy anniversary!
Happy anniversary! Amazon Games

Lost Ark is celebrating its first anniversary and there are tons to enjoy with new in-game events and valuable rewards.

Now before we look into what's happening during the celebration, let's take a quick look at the past year. Here are some of the stats:

  • Player Deaths: 1,672,050,487
  • Guilds: 786,705
  • Abyss Dungeon Clears: 25,564,566
  • Mounts Summoned: 8,095,963,578
  • PvP Matches: 16,294,441
  • PvP Kills: 192,894,473
  • PvP Damage Dealt: 29,695,327,291,260

Anniversary Event

To celebrate the first anniversary of Lost Ark, players can look forward to a special event that offers epic rewards. Birthday cards have been scattered around Akesia and players just need to collect them. After that, they need to head to the Exchange Merchant Bursery and collect their anniversary gifts. There are three different cards which can be redeemed for different weekly and roster level rewards. The cards are:

  • Happy Card - Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons
  • Birthday Card - Abyssal Dungeons, Abyss Raids, and Legion Raids
  • Lost Ark Card - New Hot Spring Event

Hot Spring Event

To access this new event, players need to interact with the Hot Spring Manager NPC found in any major city. Once done, the Steaming Hot Spring then opens for a competition for even hours.

During the competition, two teams face off and are armed with ducky hammers to collect rubber duckies. Players can also break the duck toy shield of the other team with their hammer to obtain the "duck toy" buff. Be sure to keep the buff, so protect teammates who have the duck toy buff.

Log-in Rewards

Players can also look forward to celebrating the game's birthday with the Double Log-in rewards. Get excited with valuable rewards like Epic - Legendary Card Packs available.

A new update was also released that added the "Twinkle Twinkle Exchange Shop." This is an Event Gold Shop where players can exchange gold for valuable rewards, including a "Toad Token," which can be redeemed at the vendor for additional items.

Lost Ark is an MMO action RPG released in 2019 in Korea with a worldwide launch in February 2022. The game is mainly focused on exploration and PvE with PvP elements. It’s available on PC.

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