Limit Breaker Quest for Bleach: Brave Souls Now Live

Bleach Brave Souls Limit Breaker Quest
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Attention Shinigamis out there! A new single-player content is now available in Bleach: Brave Souls. Called "Limit Breaker Quest," it tasks you with using strengthened characters to defeat waves of enemies and clear as many stages as possible.

This means that there's no fixed goal in this quest. Players can test their limits if they can outlast the persistent enemy waves. After each stage, they can go to the results screen and check the clear time. They can then try to team up with different characters and see if they can beat their own record.

What do you think? Can you succeed in the Limit Breaker Quest?

Social Media Campaigns

In celebration of this new content, social media campaigns will be held starting June 20:

  • Conquer the Limit Breaker Quest!
    • Campaign Period: June 20 to June 30
    • Receive rewards by posting results to social media as well as giving advice on strategies to beat the quest.
    • If 500 posts about the Limit Breaker Quest are reached across all social media, all players receive a 5-Star Summons Ticket.
  • Conquer the Limit Breaker Quest! Video Contest
    • Campaign Period: June 20 to June 30
    • Post a video of Limit Breaker Quest attempts and show off those skills on social media.

Four participants are going to be selected by the Brave Souls development team to receive a Rainbow Special Move Source.

Version 15.0.0 Update

In addition to new content, a new update has been released as well. It adjusted how buffs work, so when a buff which affects all characters is used, the countdown of the effect timer is paused for non-active characters. It also fixes these issues:

  • The Days in Current Guild information displayed on the My Status and Player Status screens was sometimes incorrect.
  • Sometimes in Epic Raids the reduction of a boss's health would be delayed after taking damage especially if a PlayStation 4 player was hosting the Epic Raid. This was a cosmetic issue, and the health of the boss was being reduced correctly.

Bleach: Brave Souls is a 3D action game based on the manga and anime Bleach. Players can build a team using their favorite characters and play in single-player mode or team up with three others for online co-op. The game is available on Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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